Ike's Evicted

Now for some bad news from the Castro:  Ike’s Sandwiches received an eviction notice from the SF Superior Court.  It seems that the popularity of the place finally caught up with it and that all of Mr. Shehadeh’s attempts to placate the demands of his NIMBY neighbors were for naught.  Which is a shame, because he definitely tried.  To wit:

  1. A ventilation hood required by the City for all sandwich delis was prevented from being installed due to a lack of a permit (which is provided by the City)
  2. His workers started working later (at 8:30am) so they wouldn’t disturb the morning slumber of neighbors
  3. Despite being served with a fine of $250 per day by the City, he decided to remain open and pay the fine on top of normal operating costs and employee salaries

And let’s not forget how those same NIMBY neighbors originally tried to extort Ike for a million dollars!  The eviction is scheduled to take place on August 26th.  Hopefully Ike will be able to find another location nearby.  Do yourself a favor and try a Menage a Trois before then.

[Photo by slowpoke_sf]


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15 Responses to “Ike's Evicted”

  1. Kyle Madison says:

    Listen, Ike’s, this is a good thing. Your little hole in the wall out grew itself. None of the people who made you big frequent you anymore. You’re staff is way over worked. The lines were psychotic and there was no place to sit. You need a nice place to settle in. A restaurant space. It doesn’t have to look like Chuck E Cheese. It can be hip and cool. Add an espresso bar or something. But you had to move. Think of this as a blessing in disguise.

  2. James O'Boston says:

    Well Kyle, Ike’s could pretty much reopen in a Chuck E. Cheese – those are dying all over that place.

    I’ve own small businesses and wouldn’t have wanted the world watching over me and opinion on my decisions, but Ike took it to the streets, so he’s fair game. He waited far too long to turn the profits back into operations. The place was obviously inadequate quite a while ago. My first business was forced to move twice, by outside affairs, not growth. But each move was into a larger, more prominent space. We would never have grown if not for those moves.

    Ike: deal.

  3. James O'Boston says:

    wow. typos.

  4. sheabones says:

    This all makes me so thankful that Sandwich Nazi isn’t hip.

  5. Person says:

    With regard to the “NIMBYs,” have you actually spoken to any of them? I’m asking because I’m assuming that if there were no merit to any of their allegations, their cases would have been thrown out of court. Have you read the papers that were filed in court? How did Ike attempt to placate the neighbors?

    Restaurant worship, foodie fanaticism, wanting to eat and be seen at the newist, hippest eateries…these things have grown into some kind of bizarre and irrational obsession. Is your life so empty that you actually get outraged by little ‘ol Ike’s getting pushed around by “NIMBY” neighbors? Your beloved president slaughters people half-way around the globe, do you do anything about that? No, you get incensed over a sandwich.

  6. nenita says:

    whatever…ikes could and should have moved long ago. excuse me while I go play my tiny violin somewhere

  7. tacotron says:

    Never actually been here, because the line is always insane. I make sandwhich now

  8. Mr. Pickles is way better

  9. Lindsay says:

    “Despite being served with a fine of $250 per day by the City, he decided to remain open and pay the fine on top of normal operating costs and employee salaries”

    Why is this being touted as a good thing exactly? Doesn’t San Francisco have enough trash to deal with, without it’s business owners deciding they have so much money that laws don’t apply to them?

    And quite frankly, business owners don’t really get sympathy when they annoy the shit out of their neighbors, I don’t care how good their wares are.

  10. Myboy says:

    sandwiches aren’t really that good to wait a fucking 40 minutes for.