Floor Drugs

Over the weekend, Janebook published a helpful guide to the San Francisco floor drug scene — where to get safe floor drugs, where to avoid sketchy floor drugs, etc. Here’s some analysis of the situations at two popular Mission watering holes:

delirium – you get the satisfaction of knowing that these drugs belonged to one of those lame dudebros who you hate for “ruining the mission” on weekends. this dudebro is (or will be in 20 minutes when he goes to do a bump and can’t find his drugs) hella bummed, and you helped make that happen! but let’s be honest, this shit will be total garbage, i’m talking like you’ll do it all and not even get post nasal drip, and if you’re over 20 you will hate yourself for doing delirium floor drugs.

pops – an enormous, resounding no. you have like, a 50/50 chance of the drugs you find on the floor of this bar being good, which are actually not bad odds as far as floor drugs go. but where will you do them? doing blow in that bathroom is like being trapped on a mission-scumbag tower of terror ride. you WILL be haunted by ghosts of hipsters past, and you will undoubtedly find this to be kind of a buzzkill.

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3 Responses to “Floor Drugs”

  1. Mack says:

    Dang, I think she found my drugs at Gestalt. That was awhile ago but I was eating my vegan sausage, went into the bathroom and did a bump. When I next went in to do more drugs my bag was lost.

    Jane, lets do drugs together! I’ll get a $60 bag and you’ll smile.

  2. balls says:

    I found 2 G’s of coke at Hemlock once. I was too drunk to open the bag but after some help from a friend we found out the coke was good

  3. Brendajhy says:

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