Iconic 'Bullitt' Car Chase Reimagined, With Cats

This is a new video for a song by Holy Fuck, whose set yesterday (I’m told) was one of the highlights of the Treasure Island Music Festival. My buddy Jake says they brought the energy like no one else. (I missed it because I stayed in bed when I saw it was raining.) Watch this thing already:

[via Maya]

11 Responses to “Iconic 'Bullitt' Car Chase Reimagined, With Cats”

  1. y8 says:

    Woow. The cat really drive. I love the video COOL!

  2. LOLU says:

    haha :) nice cat lol

  3. flash game says:

    nice move from cat:)

  4. jogos says:

    cat perfect:))

  5. Juegos says:

    nice move from cat:)

  6. Kizi Games says:

    cat that great driving

  7. 4223 Games says:

    I have watched this video, it is great

  8. Friv says:

    thank for sharing the video

  9. jugar friv says:

    Good video. I love move from cat

  10. The cat is so cute, it’s great that you drive yourself