Look at This Smoked Whitefish Sandwich

“I can never seem to make it all the way over there before they run out of food or whatever,” says my buddy Mike about Pal’s Take Away. To Mike, and any who feel the same, I say FIND A WAY.

Look at this sandwich I had today. I’m not always 100% into smoked things, but this fish was juicy and smoky and tender and delicious — epicly smoked (by Ryan of Katharine and Ryan fame). The bun was fluffy, the greens crisp, the tomatoes ripe as can be. Yummy. And they have Popchips and fancy sodas and everybody’s friendly, and there are a couple of nice tables out on the sidewalk. And they update their menu on their website every day.

Pal’s is located inside Tony’s Market on 24th Street at Hampshire. It’s a tiny bit off the beaten path, but it is always worth the journey. Find a way.

3 Responses to “Look at This Smoked Whitefish Sandwich”

  1. Or, if you’re too late, hit The Sycamore for the cod slider — cheaper, too. And the $1 fries add-on is worth it.

  2. subframe says:

    Pal’s is the best sandwich in the city.

  3. no.thanks. says:

    Pals is what I come back with when people try to sell me on Rheas (they are good, just different) or Ikes (also good, but different).

    Mission Mission should hold a sandwich war or something like it. A poll!