Loose Up Top, Tight Down Below

Where did this look come from? Is it comfortable? How long does it take every morning to make sure your tank top is just the right amount of baggy?

Mai over at Fashionist doesn’t necessarily answer any of these questions, but she sure documents this extra-hot trend expertly, right here. (Be sure to click through, if only to see this pair’s hairdos.)

4 Responses to “Loose Up Top, Tight Down Below”

  1. melissa says:

    Just more re-hashing of the 1980s, basically, including the chick’s hair. I remember leggings/tights/super tight jeans paired with baggy shirts and sweaters was the norm.

  2. dr. fashion says:

    the inevitable result of the epidemic of metabolic syndrome: the loose up top covers the truncal obesity, and the tight down below shows off your wasted extremities, putting your cushingoid habitus in the most flattering light.

  3. tacotron says:

    I thought people didn’t like making themselves look fatter?

  4. Sally says:

    That’s actually pretty low key for a Dexter outfit.