Keith Haring Tribute Debuts on Local Construction Barricade

This morning, SFist broke the news that the Divisadero Laser Kitty Mural was not painted over maliciously, but rather with explicit permission from whoever runs that wall.

Which sort of renders that huge argument we were having moot, right? Maybe, maybe not.

Keith Haring was a dude that started out tagging subway advertisements and stuff. Then he became the toast of the art world. Now, years after his death, his shit is everywhere, from dumbass tourist tchotchkes to high-end art gallery souvenirs.

And now here’s his stuff, tagged by someone else on a dirty A-frame barricade. Is this art? Is it more or less art than a real Haring original? Is it more or less art than a real Haring tourist tchotchke?

[Photo by SF Gov]

3 Responses to “Keith Haring Tribute Debuts on Local Construction Barricade”

  1. plainform says:

    Man, that guy Destn used to run SF back in the early 2000s. I was a big fan.

  2. Keith Haring sucked big-time, too.

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