Kite Hill

You guys! Kite Hill is awesome! As this photo by Victoria Smith makes abundantly clear! It’s kind of a haul, but it’s worth it!

Here’s the question! Are the views better when it’s foggy and etheral, or when it’s clear and you can see the entire San Francisco Bay Area!?

4 Responses to “Kite Hill”

  1. @marycray says:

    Love the shot. Most especially the title of it. One of my favorite places in the city.

  2. Bohemia Modelo says:

    Corona heights is epic too

  3. PaddyW says:

    If you do come, please throw away your cigarette butts, beer cans and food containers in the trash (there are two trash cans at Kite Hill). We work hard to keep it clean for everyone’s enjoyment.

  4. Bookwomyn says:

    Also, please bring your dog but clean up after him or her.