Suburban Mission

In today’s edition of “The People’s Guide” over at Curbed SF, celebrated Missionite Beth Spotswood tells us all about life in her little corner of the neighborhood, a corner she dubs “Suburban Mission”:

Local customs of note: Placing one’s boombox to one’s window and sharing 1960′s do-wop with one’s entire block, saying hello to everyone one passes on the sidewalk, marveling at the line outside of flour+water, gardening, trick-or-treating, Christmas decor 12 months a year, passive-agressive anonymous note-leaving, printed beautifully in really great fonts (see photo).

Charming! Read on.

3 Responses to “Suburban Mission”

  1. Impressive use of unselfconscious irony: “people for whom the word gentrification (pronounced with disgust) was invented”.