Dearest Becca…

I came across this love note at 19th and Valencia earlier this week, and thought to myself, “Concise, gets the message out there — could do better.” Is this really the way gentlemen are courting ladies these days?

I have some advice for our graffiti Cyrano de Bergerac: chicks love the sonnets. Here — I even started one for you to help you in your quest for Becca’s love… and other things:

My dearest Becca, without whom this wall would be blank and nothingness.  My love is as deep and permanent as this sharpie pen in which I use to shout to all, “I love thee my darling, and I’m really good at sex, so, you know, call me”

Your move, Romeo (unless anyone else can do better).

9 Responses to “Dearest Becca…”

  1. Andy says:

    Where for art thou Bromeo?

  2. the easter bunny says:

    That looks like a girl’s handwriting to me…

  3. chalkman says:

    maybe it was Hank Moody?

  4. Gaylord says:

    Hey I wrote that top part!

  5. buzzgirl says:

    Um, at 19th/Valencia, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that it was written by a man.

  6. nejlepsihest says:

    walls are the new missed connections