Debaser anniversary party to feature live Fugazi cover band

Mark your calendars! (And RSVP and invite your friends via the event’s official Facebook page.)

Do note that it’s at 111 Minna this time around. And do note that we’ll be giving away some tickets some time next week, so stay tuned!

7 Responses to “Debaser anniversary party to feature live Fugazi cover band”

  1. SCUM says:

    I have met Ian Mackaye and he is a pompous prick.

  2. el jeffe says:

    They should wear t-shirts that say, “THIS IS NOT A FUGAZI COVER BAND.”

    Also: not sure what happened in your situation, SCUM, but the one time I talked to Ian Mackaye (for about 30 minutes) he was extremely genuine and nice.

    • SCUM says:

      Some friends put on a show up in Humboldt and we were all back stage drinking some beers and he was preaching to some kids about the evils of booze and pointing to us. I asked him why he kept pointing at us and he responded that “people like us were the problem with the music scene today” Fuck that little punk. Always liked Minor Threat though.