Invasion of the googly eyes

This little guy is but one of many googly eyed little guys currently partying in the Mission, and this photographic evidence comes courtesy of Moka.

Here‘s another, and another. And a whole bunch more.

15 Responses to “Invasion of the googly eyes”

  1. anon says:

    i bet this was an sf0 task

  2. Corpus Nerd says:

    Googly eyes make feel all funny inside!

  3. puntingpigeons says:

    Those were first spotted in SOMA all up and down 5th Street. They are way more funny in SOMA.

  4. I initially thought this was going to be article about inbreeding. Thankfully, it was not. I approve of said Googly Eyes.

  5. the easter bunny says:

    Is Amy Sedaris in town?