Cold Beer Cold Water guy gets softball team named after him


You know you’ve made it when local rec teams start using your catchphrase not only as their rally cry, but also their official name.

And true to the ever-helpful and giving nature of CBCW guy, postgame these kids offered me a ride back to the Mission when my ride bailed. Alas, no beer or water in the van.

10 Responses to “Cold Beer Cold Water guy gets softball team named after him”

  1. Allan Hough says:

    Wait, shouldn’t CBCW be sponsoring the team for that kind of exposure?

  2. Corpus Nerd says:

    No, check out this guy on Coco Cay:

    Cheers to Tina! I wonder if I can get a hat like that…

  3. man freckles says:

    hahaha. was wondering how you got this. cold fear cold slaughter…cold beer cold water 3 other team 40.

  4. NoWater says:

    Well, I think the team might be a bit bummed. On Sunday he was only doing “Cold Beer.” Seems the water weighed a lot and had a lower margin so he’s beer only now. Watchagonnado.

  5. rager says:

    I felt bad for coming up with the crappy team name because everyone was so bummed… now that it’s on here, it all good!

  6. jesse says:

    I hope we get to hit in the next game!