Early morning car crash at 23rd and Mission leaves mom and baby hospitalized

SF Appeal reports:

A female driver and her one-year-old passenger were hospitalized this morning after she crashed into a fire hydrant in San Francisco’s Mission District, police said.

The woman struck her 1995 Toyota Camry into a hydrant at the intersection of 23rd and Mission Streets at about 4:15 a.m., San Francisco police said.

The one year old suffered life-threatening injuries, and was taken to a local hospital. The driver was also taken to the hospital, with injuries that were not life threatening, police said.

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[via Grand Coffee and Ariel Dovas]


8 Responses to “Early morning car crash at 23rd and Mission leaves mom and baby hospitalized”

  1. SCUM says:

    That’s the place Anthony Bourdain ate a torta on his show.http://blogs.sfweekly.com/foodie/2009/08/wondering_how_tony_ended_up_wi.php

  2. Objection says:

    Does a picture of an injury car crash really require a hipster filter? Filters have become so ubiquitous that soon anything sans filter will be considered ‘obscure’

    I hate myself for posting this…

  3. SF Biker says:

    SCUM. Really? A one year old kid has life threatening injuries and that’s the first thing to fly out of your keyboard…and you are posting about tortas? Nice. Go roam the Mission with your Tallboy in a paper bag.

  4. halle says:

    I take it the 1 yr old was not in a car seat. No way a kid in a secured car seat in the back could have life-threatening injuries from crashing into a fire hydrant. poor kid.

  5. Hoboking says:

    The helicopter thrumming above my apartment t 5:30 this morning was confusing. Ina dazed state I dreamed it had something to do with Bin Laden. Truth wa serious let down, hope mom and baby both make it.

  6. T.C. says:

    nice composition, the hipstamatic is a great app.

  7. Laurence Pinney says:

    This happend right outside of my building
    I called it in. I saw no one when I looked out of my window. I thought a drunk hit a hydrant, then left the scene. Next thing, I saw EMT doing chest compressions on a baby.