The corner of 21st and Folsom will never be the same

Without that big iconic awning full of big cartoon tortas.

The least these guys could’ve done is put up a more bulbous awning, with big cartoon Italian pastries on it.

UPDATE: Our pal Jacob L. just wrote in with another pressing concern re: this new awning:

Can we talk about the side of this awning on the 21st side?  First of all, it says “Um ! !”…do they mean “Mmmmm!!”, as in this is delicious…or are they puzzled about something?  Also, I am pretty sure “trees leches” is not the type of cake they are going to specialize in there…tres leches possibly, but milk trees cake doesn’t sound as good.

4 Responses to “The corner of 21st and Folsom will never be the same”

  1. Wow! Illiterate in 3 languages at the same time!

  2. kringle says:

    I noticed this too.. how did that escape everyones attention?

  3. You Mom says:

    This is down now…looks like it’s going to be a bar or something called Juntos Bar