So many Michiganders in the Mission

I think I met like seven or eight new ones this week, and then I saw this Flint pride in a bathroom.

26 Responses to “So many Michiganders in the Mission”

  1. melanie says:

    woah, where is this? where are my other flint homiez?!?!?!?!?!?!


    Flint is a trash hole.

    • Quin2013 says:

      Agreed! ha ha ha ha

      So is Detroit. What’s up with Jefferson Ave? Where all the crack-heads are walking through an 8 lane st like freaking Zombies.

  3. MrEricSir says:

    Michael Moore was in town?

  4. michael westerman says:

    michael westerman left flint in 86 and has been living in oakland ever since(sorry mission district)

  5. Ri says:


  6. Nathalie says:

    Us Michiganders love San Francisco, because we’re brilliant. Leave Flint alone.

    • Pedro Navaja says:

      If you’re so brilliant, why use an objective pronoun instead of a subjective one?

      • Nathalie says:

        Thank you for pointing that out! Me takes it back. You are brilliant and thank yew fer provin it by being a jerk.

        • Pedro Navaja says:

          Awww; somebody is feeling sensitive, and less brilliant.
          If that’s how your people speak, consider me duly chastised.

  7. Of course there’s a blog exploring the nexus of Flint and San Francisco:

    Perhaps we should all gather for a night of drinking. We can meet here:

  8. Grand Raggidy says:

    Grand Rapids is where its at.

  9. Phil says:

    “Flint Fuckin’ Michigan” is a great choice.

    “Ann Arbor Fuckin’ Michigan”
    “Traverse City Fuckin’ Michigan”
    “Paradise Fuckin’ Michigan” just don’t have the same tang.

  10. Jason V. says:

    From Bay to The Bay City in ’92.
    Still in The Mission.
    Still don’t own a fuckin’ fixie.
    Still don’t have “my first beard”, nor do I wear women’s jeans.

  11. Henry Crapo says:

    …probably some wanker from Grand Blank…

  12. Nick Hritz says:

    I occasionally wonder why I left Flint. Then it comes back to me that the allure of San Francisco was too strong.
    I lived in S.F. for awhile then moved to L.A.
    I moved to D.C. years later and have been here ever since. Why?
    Oh yeah.
    I miss San Francisco.

  13. chalkman says:

    can you really blame anyone that leaves Michigan, hell, at this point, it’s an IQ test!

  14. kingoftheidiots says:

    Living in Flint and loving it ! Stumble on this site researching 6077 Rolling Green Dr. for a client. Amazing how many people looking back !

  15. Flint Kid says:

    There’s nothing like a quick trip back Civic Park to remember why I left.

  16. carl says:

    glad to see someone repping “Traverse City Fucking Michigan” already on here. hello!

  17. SFNative says:

    Welcome to San Francisco everyone from Flint. Now please go home.

  18. Mighty Box says:

    Michigan, a nice place to be from.