KKKatie hits the White House

Looks like she’s definitely back in action in a big way. I’d say this tops yesterday’s cop car.

[via Male Awareness Day]

13 Responses to “KKKatie hits the White House”

  1. Corpus Nerd says:

    This is the stupidest tag ever. The real KKK hates the urban grafitti subculture for it’s association with the subhuman African race. Why is she using their symbol? It’s a glaring contradiction. And now she’s also using an upside down heavy metal cross in her tag, except if this is her in this photo, she’s not metal either!


    End the campaign of aggressive stupidity. Try switching your tag to “Annoying Teenage Elf,” instead.

  2. AttF says:

    having seen her go completely ballistic at an entire show full of people for calling her out on her bullshit, I would say that she definitely IS batshit crazy

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Well, she mat be batshit crazy, but at least she is also a talentless loser.

  4. batman says:

    at least she traveling :) graff penalties in other states are harsh..

  5. bob jones says:

    is Mission Mission where you “tag” Dokkktor?

  6. Doctor Memory says:

    If she’s tagging the white house, where does that mean she is? Answer: Washington, DC, roughly 3,000 miles away from the Mission. So why are we giving the little shit more free publicity?

    Let DC have her. I’m sure her act will go over great in a majority-black city!

  7. bill says:

    Psssh that stupid girl can save it I hope she goes back to jail or vanishes everyone knows she the worst! well except her

  8. 0101 says:

    this picture is hella old, she doesn’t write anymore. although i did find a tag of hers that wasn’t slashed the other day (i’m not telling you where it’s at, but it’s a mover, that’s the only hint i’ll give you).

  9. FUCK THEse BLOGS dont know why im even looking says:

    its not about kkk kkkatie is a song this is raw dawg damage