Yet another parklet nears completion on Valencia

21 Responses to “Yet another parklet nears completion on Valencia”

  1. kringle says:

    isnt the city losing money without the parking spaces?

  2. Juanpablo says:

    Seriously. With meters running 2 bucks an hour, 9 hours a day, we’re losing 18 dollars a day! Multiply that by six days a week, and fifty two weeks a year – minus the eleven unenforced holidays – and we’re losing like 1/20th of a Muni Driver’s pension for every parklet!!!!! Outrage!!!!!

  3. Think_for_Me says:


  4. scum says:

    Removing parking spots in a city that has a parking shortage and a populace that refuses to be transit first makes very little sense. Fix/clean Muni and they will come.

    • thanks says:

      the outrage over the removal of this small handful of parking spots seems like a lot of crying over very little. did the motorist community celebrate when the 26 bus stopped running and they added 20 or so new parking spots? nope. there are a few hundred thousand other parking spots in the City, it’s silly to whine over losing a couple in an attempt to make the city more livable for those who occasionally step out of their vehicles.

  5. 1 Less Car says:

    Parking meters = triple taxation. We pay for the roads. We pay for the meters. We pay for the enforcement of the meters. Not to mention the highway robbery that is meter fines. If the city is going to extort people they should just call it that.

    • The truth usually comes out in the arguments in the voter information booklets. It’s tedious reading, but I actually regret not saving any of them for, lo, these many decades.

    • thanks says:

      the parking meters in this city are ridiculously cheap, they serve to keep people from parking days at a time in areas with a lot of restaurants and shops, such as Mission and Valencia streets. compared to the other costs of owning a car, the two quarters you put into a meter seem pretty trivial.

  6. Leslie Low says:

    This is a great idea! Have you ever thought about expanding this project to, say, the freeways?

  7. Leslie Low says:

    I’m a very proud Humvee owner.

  8. Ithink says:

    I like the parklets because I don’t have to worry about being door’d by the parked cars as I bike by. Driving and parking in the mission is a big waste of time anyway. I don’t won’t driving to end, but rather reserved for special occasions and be expensive.

  9. Kelly says:

    The 4 Barrel guys don’t wash their hands after they go to the bathroom.