The last Underground Market?

So it looks like ForageSF’s Underground Night Market got served a cease and desist letter from the health department. Here are a few shots from what may have been the last one!

This girl is maintaining a bucket list for her last 60 days in America before her visa expires.

Here is a rad painting of Bill Clinton and a bunch of people eating in front of it.

6 Responses to “The last Underground Market?”

  1. why says:

    Bill Clinton painting looks like a poor Ralph Steadman knock off – did it look like that up close?

    • tofupuppy says:

      I’ve stared at that painting and didn’t know before today that it was supposed to be Slick Willy. It’s not as raw as Steadman.

  2. AnotherSourMissionite says:

    That place was hippy rave crap with trendy crap food and attitude. good riddance.

  3. milkshake lover says:

    It’s not exactly “underground” when it’s got advertising everywhere. I was wondering why it didn’t get stopped before the first one even happened! (I did get some awesome honey there.)

  4. tofupuppy says:

    Not surprised that it got shut down. It was hot, steamy, and not too sanitary in there.

  5. Bob Dole says:

    Yelp infested ratehole no less.