Arinell has had enough of the bar closing weekend crowd

It wasn’t that long ago that I predicted the demise of Thrill of the Grill due to Arinell Pizza’s brash extension of hours to 3am on weekends, figuring that the former’s monopoly on the after-hours bar closing crowd was the only thing keeping them in business.  Well, it appears that Arinell has finally had enough of dealing with all those folks who come to the Mission on Fridays and Saturdays and then get wasted before stumbling into the streets at 2am demanding pizza, burritos, and taxi cabs.  I wonder why?

They’ve cleverly rolled back their closing time to 2am on weekends, ceding the late night pizza title to their neighbors to the South, so now they don’t have to deal with that mess as much.  How are they getting away with calling this retreat “extended hours” you ask?  Well, in exchange for that extra hour on weekends, they’re now open till midnight Sunday through Thursday instead of merely 10pm.  While it may be particularly galling the first time you’re denied that delicious, cheesy slice at 2:20 am, I’ll take an extra 2 hours of Arinell the rest of the week over that anytime!

Last year's extended hours


Breaking pizza news at Arinell (NSFW)

5 Responses to “Arinell has had enough of the bar closing weekend crowd”

  1. one time says:

    I found a tooth in my slice once…no, no but really — their pizza kind of sucks and definitely not New York style.

  2. scum says:

    Dope fiend pizza.