Mission Bowling Club (and Mission Burger) will hopefully be located at 17th and South Van Ness

First we heard about the concept and saw Mission Bowling Club’s floorplan, then we heard the epic news that Chef Anthony from Mission Street Food and Mission Burger will be doing the food. Today, the Examiner revealed the forthcoming establishment’s proposed location, 17th and South Van Ness.

Moreover, a couple of our Supervisors are giving the project a push:

Bowling and boozing — two inherently related activities — are the subject of city legislation designed to clear the way for a proposed new six-lane alley and bar-restaurant in the Mission district.

Supervisors Jane Kim and Scott Wiener want to tweak the planning code to make way for the new locally owned business, which wouldn’t otherwise be allowed because past problems with the area’s drinking culture prompted restrictions on new liquor licenses.

Read on. Hmm. I wonder what other killer concepts might emerge in the wake of these tweaks…

(Thanks, David!)

12 Responses to “Mission Bowling Club (and Mission Burger) will hopefully be located at 17th and South Van Ness”

  1. dude says:

    This is probably gonna sound really racist or classist. But either this bowling alley is super yuppified, and filled with the marina-sect (thus keeping most of us out anyways), or it’s filled with low-rate mission thuggery and there’s a shooting or assault there within the first six months.

  2. KyleM says:

    Who gives a shit about any of this if the lanes are too expensive to rent? Last I heard it was going to be ridiculous.

  3. Jane says:

    Well regardless, with only 6 lanes it’s definitely gonna be like, Boogaloo’s Brunch Line status for the first year it’s open. And also …. STILL waiting for my lazer tag arena (where chest-pieced Mission scumbags and neck-tatted Mission thuggery will gather together in perfect harmony) gonna come to fruition.

  4. scum says:

    Peoples shit gonna get took once it opens.

  5. milkshake lover says:

    Favorite phrase in the article: “the area’s drinking culture”

  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I still think it would have made much more sense to put it in the Cinema Azteca or 12 Galaxies space.