Treat Street fireworks

While the views from Bernal Hill were awesome for checking out the fireworks above the city, the real party last night was on Treat Street. Every corner had it’s own flare and car trunkful of explosives, but no stretch of Treat was quite as impressive as between 20th and 21st:

Fire Breather!

6 Responses to “Treat Street fireworks”

  1. Drew says:

    Not Treat Street, but Treat Avenue. Why, I don’t know; we’re not in the Sunset or Richmond or anything. Maybe the Mission’s founders didn’t like rhyming…?

    The fireworks were fabulous, though. We saw them over on 22nd and Shotwell…

  2. Quin2013 says:

    Well damn! I always thought it was St.

  3. thepast says:

    Where are the whiners? “the mess, the noise, the light!!!!!”

  4. Maria says:

    Later that night someone broke into the Fire Eaters van and stole many fabulous important things, like these puppets:

    If you see them please help them come back to him.

  5. moderniste says:

    We had a semi-pro fireworks display here in the Lower Haight by someone on Oak St. by Fillmore. They shot way up into the air and had a convincing amount of stars and flowers.

    But minus 1000 points to the idiots who waited until 4:00 in the morning to spend a good 30 minutes setting off tons of those annoying firecrackers that only produce a loud BANG. I finally got pissed off enough to do something about it, and stomped down Fillmore St. in my jammies, expecting to tell off a gang of teenagers. Surprised was I to encounter a group of hoodie-wearing post-collegiate DOUCHEBAGS who quickly scattered upon my appearance. Ignoramuses. (Ignoramii?)

  6. PamelaKruger says:

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