Prom pictures

Prom pictures from last Friday’s summer soul bash at the Verdi Club are up on Facebook. I think you have to “like” Dusty Stax Presents in order to view the whole album (but that’s good because then you’ll be more likely to be made aware of future events such as this).

In any case, there are a handful of highlights after the jump, and a summer soul classic to listen to while you ogle them:

Heidi from The Sandwitches (far right in the prom pic above) KILLED this song on Friday by the way. Owned it possibly even harder than Tina herself. The original is still pret-ty good though:

Gabriel Wheeler of Moholy Ground was the photographer, btw. What talent!

12 Responses to “Prom pictures”

  1. tastr says:

    no disrespect, but latfh

  2. chubby mission chicks…

  3. nofatchix says:

    I got nothing guys. Every single girl in these photos has fucking rad ankles. Good job girls.

  4. great party. beautiful ladies abounded.

    danced my ass off.

    let’s all do this again. pretty please?

  5. anon says:

    Man, I never knew technology existed that could enable us to take photos of a 1950′s Tennis Club. Good Job Guys! I’m impressed!

    • tastr says:

      That’s what they should do with the empty lots next door to Verdi Club! The DIY skatepark lasted about 15 minutes before the city put up razor wire. Tennis would be much more acceptable!

  6. Michael says:

    That lens is horrid

  7. Pp says:

    that was tons of fun and yes there were fine girls everywhere

  8. Dusty Stax says:

    I’m gonna do another party either in october or december!