Is my Indian headdress offensive?

In case you were still confused on the subject, our pal Hilary put together this handy little guide to help redress the headdress situation. Check out the history lesson full of salient points here.

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  1. Designer jeans are just as much of a mockery of white 1930′s era American workers as dyed-chicken feather war bonnets are a mockery of pre-contact North American tribes. If you want to live like a Native American, get a feather tattoo and move into a trailer park where you can pour triple sec into your rice puffs in the morning before you go sit on an old mattress in the yard and watch your sheep eat dryer lint while you make stupid sarcastic jokes about white people.



      • I hate these left-wing apologist diatribes for primitive living. If the original tribal systems had held up against colonialism, then there would be no California and there would be no U.S.A. Historically there is nothing unusual about military invasions! We didn’t steal the land, we overpowered a weaker culture with our superior military technology and won a war against it! Can you handle that? All the tribes were doing the same thing to each other. People have been invading each other since the beginning of time. Aggression and domination are natural. Are you helpless? If you don’t like it fight back!

        Indians love pick-up trucks, movies, and cheap beer, they’re the first to admit it! Native Americans were not pure, they killed each other, kidnapped each other, hit their wives, made racist jokes, exploited the natural world etc. They still do! This left-wing mythology that came out of the 70′s is actually an elaborate form of reverse racism against white people! Ha, imagine that! What did we do that was so bad? Cure a bunch of terrible diseases, provide clean water to the majority of the population, make electricity affordable, offer sturdy housing to the masses, provide fresh produce year round, invent great stuff like video games and car stereos? Keep your stupid rain dance, I’m enjoying my iPod.

        • Irony Falls says:

          Always keep an eye on the white guy ranting about reverse racism. Chances are pretty good that he’s a racist.

          • Hey fuck off, I get discriminated against all the time, black people, asians, mexican people, “womyn,” college professors. I didn’t choose to be a white male, leave me alone!

          • Jonboywalton says:

            Nerd, People don’t discriminate against you because you are a white male, that is entirely in your head, they discriminate against you because you are a fucking asshole. You are imposing your obsession with “race” onto others, when they treat you like the douchebag that you are you think it is because you are a white male, I assure you that it is because you are an ass.

          • I’m not rich either, in case anybody cares, AND I don’t mind adding that Oprah Winfrey has 4 times as much money as the Queen of England by the way.

          • Hello everyone, I started feeling bad for some of the things I typed the other day and I decided to make up for it by donating some money to this charity that helps Native American families:


            I thought I might ask everyone who took offense to the comments I posted to match me with at least a $25.00 donation. You can donate online using Paypal or your credit card, or mail in a check. Here’s your chance to show that you care. Hope and Change people, let’s show some love!

        • Mea says:

          You fucking self indulgent, entitled idiot.


          • Emma says:

            “NOT EVERYBODY WHO IS BLACK, LATINO, NATIVE AMERICAN, ASIAN, FEMALE ETC. IS POOR AND UNDER-PRIVELEGED AND NOT EVERYBODY WHO IS A WHITE MALE IS WEALTHY!” Of course not, but no one says so. No one. People are talking about statistical trends and systemic problems. Do you know what those terms mean?

        • Sup says:

          racism is cool again??

          • Irony Falls says:

            This guy doesn’t get it. He moved here from Iowa. He’d never seen a black or Latino person other than on TV. He had to move to San Francisco because he got some techster job with Yahoo, and now he’s surrounded by all these scary people with their strange appearances and unfamiliar dialects. He’s freaking out. It’s total culture shock. In the end we can only pity him. Plus, he’ll never say any of this shit in public. It’ll just fester until he has a meltdown and moves back to Iowa to run for public office.

        • Leslie Low says:

          Glad to see the National Socialists are alive and kicking.

        • Jonboywalton says:

          Holy fuck. Did you really just say that? Do you really think that saying that is OK? You over privileged white male racist fuckhead.

        • Dapperz says:

          I fully support your position and appreciate you sharing it in this forum. No saracasm or irony. I wish there were more people like you in SF: not afraid to speak up against the anti-status quo status quo.

          • Thank you Dapperz, it is almost impossible to take this position these days without being accused of racism or genocide or ecocide. I actually think the American left has really compromised itself by rejecting it’s earlier pursuits of constructivism and materialism. I wonder if people reading this blog even know what those terms mean anymore.

            They portray our civilization as an elaborate cage without a purpose, but few of them have ever attempted to leave and go survive in a more primitive society. It’s not a message they want to hear… Ironically this void they created in their multi-generational default has allowed the right wing to seize industry, government, and the military, which has led us to many of our current social dilemmas.

          • Ariel Dovas says:

            You take the ironic name “the racist” as if you’ve somehow risen above that, and yet you still hide behind a pseudonym as if you’re afraid to be held accountable for what you’ve stated. If you really feel like your position is valid, you should stand behind it. Anyone can anonymously comment on a blog.

        • Fred Robbins says:

          Whoever you are, you prejudice idiot, FIRST off “CRAZY HORSE”, with only 600 Brave Warriors, wiped out you’re beloved yellow hair or custer, & you creepy people had 2,000 plus soldiers, so who is the “DUMB ONE’S”?

        • native person says:

          eeps. keep your stupid rain dance. wow. did not read this earlier.

          I sure will keep our rain dance. And you (not the general white man but you sir) can keep this really weird notion of what an ’’Indian’’is.

          I am fighting back everyday of my life to take away how you perceive us. Why not join us and stand beside me just watch what you say.

          ’’We the people’’ from native american doctrine that you took from us. Just say thank you and live a life of misery and restraints based on your ignorance. You are the bottom feeder of the human race. You, directly you, nobody else are a waste of space.

          My turn to state the obvious. You are ignorant, decayed and have nothing to offer then to bring down yourself and who you think you represent. You are not a nerd but a waste of energy. So with that
          I say this: you are now non existent to me and you have never existed and I will never mention you or think of you ever again.

          Even if you were on fire I would not pee on you to put you out.

          Mange ma merde criss de con.

        • Tony says:

          Couldn’t agree more. There isn’t a race in history that hasn’t had other cultures moving into their area. Also, according to the Indians, no one owns the land??? Mother Nature is free??? If that’s so, what are they crying about. Further, all these races that have to have entitlements is simply garbage. From what I’ve seen, anytime someone complains about what’s been done to them, they’re usually some unemployable alcholhlic, who needs someone else to take care of them. Indian Casinos are nothing more than glorified welfare. I’m Armenian, and we experienced the closest thing to a true ethinic cleansing in the history of the world. Don’t hear me bitch’in. I get up everyday and WORK!! Further, you will never see any race that’s more violent towards anyone, more than they are to themslves. If you review criminal assault and violence records, the higher percentage is same race criminal offense. Over and over again. As Americans, we simply need to work together to make a stronger country. Not sitting around making excuses for who we are.

          • zhaabowe says:

            This has got to be one of the most ignorant responses to an ignorant post I’ve seen in a long while.

            1. Read a book discussing the oral traditions and property concepts arising from indigenous natural law. “According to the Indians (I don’t remember coming from India, add a geography book to your pile, moron), no one owns the land” — no, according to idealistic believers of the noble-paint-with-all-the-colors-of-the wind savage there is no property ownership. US courts decided that the original peoples of this land were merely occupants, not owners. These decisions were made in a time when land-hungry colonists were highly interested in breaking treaties however possible; finding that Natives lacked property ownership was more than slightly convenient. And on that note, treaties are in the US Constitution, and are to be accorded the weight of law, yet the US has and continues to break these treaties. It’s a simple concept – don’t make promises you can’t keep.

            2. Have you actually been to a reservation? Furthermore, have you ever actually read about the state of legal affairs regarding Native people? It’s difficult to prosecute crime on a reservation when the US has declared that Native tribes cannot prosecute most crimes, nor can the states adjacent to reservations. The power to prosecute lies solely with the federal government, and the declination rate hovers around 98%.

            3. You want to make a stronger America? Work on being an informed citizen, rather than feeding and spreading your ignorance with made up facts and exclamation points.

    • Joshua says:

      I’d like to think you once had a brain & knew how to use it.

    • oopik says:

      hi dick face. listen up – that’s right. take your head out of your ass and realize that although we may not be living in the pre-colonial age, some people still have their cultures. And are offended when idiots sell off our culture simply because they were raised with none.
      But I understand completely that as a white boy you have no culture. and maybe that is why you’re so bitter towards the idea of it. Its ok to be a dumbass it just means that you probably wont have friends.
      but hey, at least you mom thinks your cool right?

    • JudeThom says:

      Yes it is offensive because you are a woman and Native women NEVER wore halo or trailer headdresses. Only men wore them. Women were NOT permitted to wear the headdress. Obviously you are “sexualizing” the headdress, which is tacky and obnoxious. Native headdresses do NOT belong on women who think they are hot or otherwise.

  2. Leslie Low says:

    I’m not perpetuating ignorance, I’m reappropriating native fashion within the context of post-modern western culture, and all that other buzz-word laden asinine explanations I offer for things I barely understand…

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Everything offends somebody.

  4. Meow says:

    Thank you for posting this.

  5. why says:

    Not this old chestnut again… Geez what – are you looking to start Flame War 2: The Revenge?

  6. Glenparker says:

    Well other than the fact that women NEVER wore the headdress, only the men.

  7. Alex Malone says:

    This is a good reminder.

  8. Irony Falls says:

    College sophomores are so cute.

  9. Ver says:

    Portland did this five years ago. Cute but…NEXT

  10. Hey_Jagoff says:

    A few guesses about Delegate Nerd:

    -Upper-middleclass upbringing
    -Not comfortable with self
    -Acute social anxiety and ineptness
    -Inferiority complex
    -Hates women

    • A few guesses about Hey_Jagoff:

      -Thinks he’s down with black people
      -Thinks he’s down with indians
      -Thinks white people caused all the world’s problems
      -Thinks black people aren’t racist
      -Thinks racism is evil and was invented by white people

      • Hey_Jagoff says:


        -I am down with black people

        -I am down with Indians.
        I am down with Asians, Europeans, Americans (Canada and South/Central included)

        -I think greed caused/causes the world’s problems

        -I think racism is dismissive and an easy way to categorize personal and public problems, therefore a possible trait of anyone predisposed to ignorance.

        -I think racism is evil and was not “invented” by white people (but if you’d like to add that to your list of ‘white-male’ accomplishments, it’s your life, do what you’d like.)

        • reality says:


          Now can we talk about hot, possibly topless girls wearing headdresses and smoking cigarettes?

          To get things started: I think they’re great.

  11. unholyguy says:

    Ahh yes. White guilt at it’s finest.

    Forgive me if i do not partake of the self hatred

  12. Leave it to a bunch of whiny San Francisco PC zealots to turn me into a skinhead all of a sudden. I voted Obama you chumps. The left wing started the recent onslaught of cheap slander against white people, not the other way around. Fuck you, most of you will ignore the next black homeless person you see, you know it.

    • Unicorn Fiesta says:

      I will ignore the next black homeless person, but not because he’s black. I’ll do it because he’s poor.

    • Snake Plissken says:

      …and i’m sure some of your best friends are black.

      you don’t really live in the mission, do you? i’m sure you’d meltdown mighty quick. or is that what’s happening now?

  13. DinosaurSenior says:

    Delegate Nerd: just so you know, you’ve been totally outclassed, outwitted, and completely embarrassed on here. You can’t win and you’re digging yourself a deeper hole the more you lash out. But, by all means keep at it, if you like. EVERYONE is laughing at you and most everyone pities you. You do realize your life is pathetic, yes? And I mean that in the nicest way. Stop hating and save yourself, life is too short.

    • I’m confronting the paradox of attempting to defend the descendant civilization of Western Europe at a time when it is constantly under attack. This is a noble cause, and my ancestors would be proud of me.

      • Snake Plissken says:

        the descendant civilization of Western Europe doesn’t need help. and if it ever did, it’d need someone a hell of a lot better at arguing its cause than you.

        but if you like, i’m sure alabama would appreciate a “south shall rise again” from you.

  14. The only thing I did was to challenge the new conventional narrative which states that white men are evil and that they ruined the world, which is actually as broad and as unfair as the earlier myth of white superiority, which just proves that you are all just as easily brainwashed and manipulated as previous generations of racist Americans. HA!

  15. Ivy says:

    Believing that white people are superior to other groups of people is a racist belief, point blank, and you don’t have to be a skinhead to be a racist. But, I grew up in a hotbed of Aryan Nation skinheads, and this is excatly the kind of shit they spewed.

  16. Ivy says:

    Who said white people were evil? White people choosing to wear a headdress make a choice that appropriates a colonized culture and ignores imperialist dynamics. Why did this go into some big broad world narrative? We’re talking about people who wear headdresses, in the Mission, in San Francisco.

  17. unholyguy says:

    Honestly, if you get worked up one way or the other about that picture you are an idiot

  18. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Wow. never expected this post to pull the racists out of the woodwork like this. K-Razy.

  19. I’m not racist you putty brains! I’m just showing how it’s now socially unacceptable to be white!

    • MrEricSir says:

      If you’re not racist, then why did you say a bunch of racist things in this thread?

      • unholyguy says:

        I think what he is trying to say is “take your white guilt and shove it up your ass” but he’s not very good at it so i will help him.

        Take your white guilt and shove it up your ass

        I am not ashamed of the color of my skin. I do not accept any responsibility or take any credit for the actions of my dead ancestors. I do not give a shit if you think someone disrespecting your dead ancestors. Fuck all your ancestors

        Does that make it clearer?

        • MrEricSir says:

          So you’re saying the following statements aren’t racist, but just a symptom of “white guilt” on my part. Let’s get this straight — these are the statements you are defending:

          1. “Indians love pick-up trucks, movies, and cheap beer, they’re the first to admit it! Native Americans were not pure, they killed each other, kidnapped each other, hit their wives, made racist jokes, exploited the natural world etc.”

          2. “Hey fuck off, I get discriminated against all the time, black people, asians, mexican people, “womyn,” college professors. I didn’t choose to be a white male, leave me alone!”

          3. “I’m not rich either, in case anybody cares, AND I don’t mind adding that Oprah Winfrey has 4 times as much money as the Queen of England by the way.”

          4. “How come Amazonian shamans didn’t travel to medieval Europe and try to start help cure people with all their indigenous magic potions, if they’re so wondrous and charitable?”

          5. “Leave it to a bunch of whiny San Francisco PC zealots to turn me into a skinhead all of a sudden. I voted Obama you chumps.”

          Please explain to me how these statements are not racist.

          • unholyguy says:

            To reply point by point

            1) he was being a racist dumbass
            2) his tears, they taste so sweet.
            3) wtf
            4) I beleive at this point he was making fun of all the glamorization of indigenous morons who thought the world was flat. And I include my own white ancestors in that. Indigenous people were fucking morons and they do not deserve to be worshiped just because they were ignorant dumbasses who barely understood fire.
            5) He has a point. You guys have a hard time with any thought that doesn’t map easily to your white and black world.

          • This is what bothers me about the PC crowd, everything I said is true – all points # 1-5. Just because a statement touches on racial themes, doesn’t make it racist.

          • MrEricSir says:

            Yes, your statements do “[touch] on racial themes.”

            But they are also racist. If you can’t see that, I’m afraid the problem is on your end.

          • olu says:

            Number 4 is fucking hilarious. +1,000,000

      • I haven’t said anything racist except for an initial bad stereotype about native Americans that some would consider hilarious. I can write cheap stereotypes about white people too. Somewhere a corporate lawyer is drinking single malt and bragging about how he banged his secretary in a golf course lounge! Scandalous!

    • WHITEY says:

      No, but you are a dick. Take it from this white male: you’re an asshole, and nobody and nothing are keeping you down except some part of your brain that hates the rest of your brain, women, and people not like you. That part of your brain really likes blowhard idiots and is making you talk like one. RESIST.

      Now, back to the hottie in the headdress, please?!

  20. And that’s really unfair!

  21. Irony Falls says:

    It’s not socially unacceptable to be white. Being white is awesome. The difference now is that being white isn’t more awesome than being something else. I’m worried that that’s where your anxiety comes from. Maybe you were raised to think that being white was the most awesome, and now you’re faced with the reality that it’s only as awesome as being anything else. It’s called growing up, man. It can be tough. But I promise you’ll get through it. And with any luck, one day you’ll have little white kids who live in a world where they know from the start that they’re merely awesome; no more, no less.

    • Hey_Jagoff says:


    • No I was raised to believe that white people are evil and for that I’m in recovery. Being extraneously proud in absurd ways on obscure message boards is therapeutic for me. One of my best friends in HS was Korean, 1 GF I had in college was Latino, I’ve dated a Japanese-American girl, and a black chick. Fuck you, I like everybody, even white people.

    • Mea says:

      well said.

    • unholyguy says:

      Actually there are a lot of people who seem to want me to feel bad because my great great grandpa killed a holy shitload of people and took their stuff.

      There are also a whole lot of people who seem to want me to feel bad for them because their great great grandfather got killed by mine

      • Exactly, now you know where I’m coming from. A lot of the slave traders WERE black or Arab. It’s still like that today! Most pimps are black, people in the Dominican Republic buy Haitians for like $500.00 did you know that?

        • unholyguy says:

          Actually DN everything you said is not true. Maybe 40% of it was true and the rest was racist. Not being ok with white guilt is one thing, rattling off a bunch of lies about other ethnicity’s is something else. Learn to tell the difference

          For example, defend for me this statement

          “Most pimps are black”

          I want to see links. You did not specify “in America” so worldwide statistics please. You will almost certainly find most pimps are either Chinese or Indian. Hence, not true.

          • “Most pimps are black”

            The street level pimp culture in the U.S. is driven by black people with colorful felt hats who actually do hold annual conventions in Las Vegas and other cities where they elect their own leadership, not making this up, look it up:


            The stuff I said about black and Arab slave traders is also true read about the history of the slave trade. White people were sold as slaves also.

            The slave trade is still alive today in places like Haiti, Viet Nam, Cambodia, India, etc. look it up. None of it involves white people!

          • unholyguy says:

            That link is the best you can do? You fail. Do you see now why people are calling you an idiot?

  22. Native Americans killed white people in the Indian Wars, and before that. What happened is just that white people won the war. But a lot of WWII era native Americans are pretty happy with the domestic suburban life. It was the baby boomers that started all these neo-primitive movements.

    • Stu says:

      I got it! Your parents were hippies and you hate them. Now you’re fighting back on the internet. I could be totally wrong here.

      “This left-wing mythology that came out of the 70′s is actually an elaborate form of reverse racism against white people!”
      You’re talking about the Nixon era then right. This is where it all started, right? When the left wingers declared war on the whites?

      • Yeah, my parents were hippies, but then they sold out. My main argument is against the neo-primitive movement, which really has nothing to do with racial identity. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN RACIAL SUPERIORITY.

  23. I can’t explain some of this stuff you guys I guess because you’re too closed-minded. Maybe I will move back to Iowa (I’m not from there).

  24. unholyguy says:

    Let us assume for a moment that the following statement is true

    “white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets, which one can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was meant to remain oblivious. White privilege is like an invisible
    weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, code books, visas, clothes, tools, and
    blank checks”

    How does not wearing headdresses help?

    Would it not be better to train people to not care whether or not people wear headdresses?

    The more you reinforce the differences the more you add to the problem

    Dead peoples are dead, let them be, get over it, move on.

    • Mea says:

      In that world, women would earn the same wage their male counterparts earn. In that world, a person of color would not be pulled over and harassed by authorities for “looking suspicious”. In that world, Delegate Nerd would learn to recognize and check his privilege.

      These are not just random acts of racism, they are systematic problems that promote dominance of one group. The reason that DN is up in arms, is that on some level he feels attacked. His unearned privilege is somehow being compromised. I wish I knew a way to teach empathy, but I don’t.

      I get it, history is history. But when that history affects you on a daily basis (when you cannot cash in that privilege for the most mundane parts of your day)…. you begin to notice it.

      • unholyguy says:

        History does not and cannot effect you on a daily basis. History cannot be undone either. It is past. There is only Now. Trying to make people feel bad about things that happened 150 years ago only pisses them off it does not help the Now. Encouraging people feel persecuted because of things that happened to their ancestors is equally counterproductive.

        Even using history as a tool to understand the present is very problematic, even the best historical record is subjective and mostly fiction laden with agenda.

        Focus on the present, focus on things that actual have the desired effect. Most of what this city does to address perceived problems wither makes them worse or does nothing at all.

        • timbo says:

          Anyone claiming that history does not affect all of us on a daily basis is either disingenuous or short-sighted. The Now you refer to was not created spontaneously. The fabric of the Now was created and altered through the course of the Past.

          • unholyguy says:

            It does not effect you.

            People effect you, the climate effects you, my fist upside your head effects you, my voice effects you

            The only way to deal with people is to deal with them as they are. You cannot change the past even if you believe in it

            Trying to rationalize the way people are today by constructing a tenuous connection to something that may or may not have actually happened hundreds of years ago is an exercise in futility.

            The only reason it has any appearance of making sense is that it is somewhat of a self fulfilling prophesy. People are the story telling animal, if I tell you a good enough narrative you will believe it and start acting as if it were true.

            One person makes up a story about white supremacy another person makes up a competing narrative about white guilt. Both are just stories.

            Now I am attempting to introduce a third narrative which says “Forget the past, put it behind you, move on”.

            I like my story better

          • timbo says:

            I tried to ignore it the first time, but you really need to correct your use of “effect” when you should be using “affect”.

            Putting this aside, I am not speaking to justifications of how things are or why, or which parts of the historical narrative are valid. All I’m saying is that if we accept time as linear, which at least for purposes of a discussion on history we must, events of the past do influence our daily lives.

            Europeans conquered the New World.

            Gold was discovered in California.

            The tomato is prevalent in Italian cuisine.

            Those things are history. They’re in the past, and they are gone. That’s true. But one simply can not deny that these historical events have had an effect on the present.

          • unholyguy says:

            Actually, time might well not be linear, but that is another story and agree not relevant to this conversation.

            The way things are now affects you (using the “a” this time)

            The stories people tell you about the past affect you. These stories are mostly agenda motivated bullshit.

            The fact that events took place in the past that impacted the present is true certainly.

            The problem is you do not really know what those past events were, have no way of empirically validating most of them, and have strong reason to believe bias in all sources.

            “History” is not a factual record of things that occurred in the past. It is a narrative. It is different from science in that there is no possibility of unbiased verification of claims.

            When you say “history” you don’t mean “history-science” which is unknowable, you mean “history-fable”

            Because people respond well to narrative, and history is a powerful narrative it is often used and abused to the point where the truth is lost beyond recovering

            Whatever is “true” historically today, wait a generation it will all be turned over. Was there a Troy? Why did Rome fall? Where Native Americans beasts or angels?

            It’s better to just junk it, it’s just another method of brainwashing you.

            The case in point, the girl in the headdress. Without a set of historical narrative to go with the picture, it’s just feathers and no one cares.

            Add in a historical narrative about abused indigenous peoples and suddenly it’s a charged issue that diverts energy from anything useful.

            Personally I find history very interesting and study it a lot, but I always keep in mind that all history is really historical fiction.

          • timbo says:

            OK. Yes. I think we’re in agreement. An internet first.

  25. Kittens says:

    I like dogs and I vote.

  26. And what’s the cheap stereotype about people from Iowa? Statists!

  27. icing the body electric says:

    does no one else think that delegate nerd is just fucking with everyone?

    • Stu says:

      I don’t. i just think he lives his fantasies, political or otherwise, out from behind the keyboard.

      • unholyguy says:

        No one living in San Francisco has the right to criticize anyone for living in a fantasy world.

        • Stu says:

          Isn’t the point that everyone has a right to do whatever the fuck they legally want here or elsewhere in America?

          • unholyguy says:

            Yes and that includes the right to wear a headdress

            And to call someone an asshole for wearing a headdress

            And to call someone an asshole for calling someone an asshole for wearing a headdress

            Or we could all just stop worrying about the stupid shit.

      • WHITEY says:

        Intentional or not, he’s still trolling.

  28. I don’t mind adding one further point of hypocrisy as the Native American rights groups attempt to re-claim their land in that I personally do not, nor have any of my friends owned anywhere near the amount of land that most tribes currently have legitimate title to, scattered across the U.S.

  29. Yeah, actually I don’t own any land at all, so there! (Sticks out tongue)

  30. Big scary fascist white guy, yeah that’s me, took everybody’s land!

  31. Can’t talk, watching of the Ellen TV program now commencing…

  32. tc says:

    I’m part Indian and this photo turns me on. Which might be offensive.

  33. This is what you kids get up to when I leave you alone for a little while?!

  34. Please note (before making up what you think justice means for Native people and reacting to it) that no one is talking about stealing land back or casinos or whatever other social constructions you are spewing out in an attempt to keep this about white dudes talking about being white dudes.

    The pamphlet talks about how here in what is now called the U.S., there are still Native people fighting for their rights to the land that they do hold (on reservations and other recognized land) and respect.

    If you haven’t, please READ THE WHOLE THING. It’s only 4 pages, and no where does it say anyone should feel bad about themselves because of who they are.

    Did you know that Peabody Coal Company is trying to evacuate Navajo/Dineh grandmothers for a coal mine and plant?
    Or that just over in Vallejo, Native people are protecting a burial site from being bulldozed for construction?

    The genocide continues, and we should be talking about how to stop it and be allies to people who (like anyone) deserve some respect.

    The longer we keep talking about white males, the more we are all feeding into the invisibility of other groups of people.

    • Yeah I know about Peabody Coal and your stupid burial sites. I don’t even know where my grandparents are buried, can you speak to that? Sorry to say but a lot of those Navajo Dineh need those jobs. Where’s your solar power insurrection? Oops, nobody is willing to finance it!

    • unholyguy says:

      Would they not be better off without this story they tell themselves about different-ness and specialness? It brings them more pain then benefit I think? What if they tell themselves a different story about who they are and why they are special, something less about the past and more about the present?

      I mean I don’t walk around telling myself stories about being a Viking all the time

      • i see what you are saying about ‘otherness’ being created by acknowledging ‘otherness’ and ‘invisibility.’ i think that nonnative stereotypes of native people are certainly stuck in the past, whether pre-colombus or the ‘wild west’.

        native people are here today, and probably have as many unique ways of seeing the world as there are people… however, there is still a lot of leftover bullshit that has never gone away and continues to oppress their experience.

        absolutely, it is painful to acknowledge genocide – cultural, social, customary, and land-based experiences of loss and theft. but it is probably also quite painful to google indian headress and see more pictures of white people enacting storybook fantasy stereotypes than images of their own history and culture.. no?

        • unholyguy says:

          There is nothing left over. Each baby starts new, and then the mindsets are recreated by their parents and environment. However each baby is being injected with a cultural identity that is only going to cause it pain.

          honestly nine times out of ten I would not know a Native American to look at him or by accent, the otherness is self imposed.

          American is their culture as much as whatever strange fiction they tell themselves about their mythological heritage. Genetically even, they are likely as much white as anything. The thing is, they cling to a worldview that is only hurting them. They are like battered housewives that won’t leave the husband that keeps hitting them, or Greek royalty that thinks it’s descended from Zeus.

          If you google, see a picture of someone wearing feathers on their head and this upsets you, it is a problem with you, not with them.

          Why stay on the reservation and cling to a bunch of dead bones and condemn yourself to a life of misery? Being poor I understand, it is a hard trap to get out of, but none of this mythology is helping

          • marvin says:

            “1. honestly nine times out of ten I would not know a Native American to look at him or by accent, the otherness is self imposed.”"2. Genetically even, they are likely as much white as anything”.”3. Why stay on the reservation and cling to a bunch of dead bones and condemn yourself to a life of misery?”

            1. You need to look harder and learn more.
            2. what does this mean?
            3. Because it’s their land.

            You might want to find out more about your own indigenous culture, as most (i said most, not all) societies lived collectively until about 2000 years ago when people in Europe started fucking over each other for their land, then just continued doing so across the globe. So maybe you should learn more about the Vikings.

          • unholyguy says:

            It’s not their land anymore. It was never their land. It might have been their great grandparents land, but that was a long time ago.

            I know a fair amount about the vikings actually.

            What does “live collectively” mean? Is this another one of those “Europe invented evil” things?

  35. James says:

    I go back and forth on this. In a culturally diverse and multi-ethnic society, I think cultural appropriation on some level is inevitable, if not desirable. In some contexts, adopting the ways of others could be a sign of growing tolerance (trying new foods, learning a dance/language that is not your own). I think it’s a question of degree rather than kind. I don’t think wearing a feather in your hair is that bad; hell, all native cultures on earth started with wearing dead animal parts in one way or another. But wearing an “indian headdress” crosses a line: it is a sacred spiritual symbol that is only used by a few tribes. Just calling it an “indian” headdress reduces all native-americans, whether from a tribe that actually use headdresses or not, into a cigar-store stereotype. And don’t get me wrong. You have every right to wear it. But I also have the right to consider you an insensitive ignoramus.

  36. Anonymous Delegate says:


  37. Pp says:

    another butthurt whiteguy L O L bring out the tiny violin

  38. Emily says:

    If any of you guys dress up as leprechauns next St. Patrick’s Day, I’m calling the ACLU.

  39. no.thanks. says:

    epic thread.

    seems like this dude trolled the hell out of you all.

  40. Mission Grinch says:

    I think everyone should relax and listen to “I’m An Indian Too” by Dom Armando

    Oh wait, that infuriated everyone? *loosens collar*

  41. siobhan says:

    Headdress=epic fail.

  42. skin says:

    If I saw a white person wearing a headdress like this I would be obligated by my lineage to snatch it of their baldhead. no questions asked, no debate, no excuses. I would hope that ANY person who calls themself a white ally would give their fellow man hell for some stupid shit like this. Enough is enough!

    • Normal says:

      If you touched me, I’d have you arrested.

      I think I’ll buy a headdress just to piss you off.

    • beau d says:

      for rlz? or joking?

    • J. White says:

      I’d definitely call them on the inappropriateness of what they were doing. People need to pull their head out of their @$$ sometime. It’s hard for people of “no-particular-ethnic background” or “no particular religious affiliation” to understand things like offensive, inappropriate appropriation, etc. They just dont have anything that matters to them in the same way.

      • Normal says:

        I’d just tell you to leave me alone, which you would have to do if you didn’t want to get arrested.

  43. Normal says:

    Everything is offensive to someone. However, in this case I think anyone who gives a crap is being a bitch. Get over it, and get a life. People wear funny hats. Who cares?

    • J. White says:

      you obviously don’t have anything from your culture that you would find offensive if people took, wore or used inappropriately. If you did, you would understand why this is offensive to Native folks.

      • Normal says:

        You are correct. This is because I am not an overly-sensitive douche bag who cries racism at every conceivable opportunity to get attention.

        • Mr. White says:

          @ Normal oh but your are… saying that you are not oversensitive and being a callous ass are completely different things. You have no frame of reference by which to make a relative comparison. Do not confuse apathy for a lack of sensitivity you simple don’t give a fu*k and that is fine. To realize that some people hold certain things in higher value than others is no reason to criticize them over it, instead if you pay attention to what they are saying you might learn some thing about a culture you obviously have no education about.

          • Normal says:

            Oh, but I do give a fuck. Fascist assholes are trying to tell people what they can and cannot wear. That pisses me off.

            Why aren’t you this upset about the Village People, you sniveling troll?

  44. asldkfj says:

    Nerd…. sorry you didn’t get into Harvard! Hahahaa.

    I’m Native and I take offense to your paragraph of vitriol, but I have to admit I laughed a little too.

  45. IShouldBeChargingForThis says:

    Delegate Nerd, do we need to take this to the library?

    Your online demeanor seems plagued with unresolved issues that are best dealt with in person.

    For $50/hr, we can help you understand and perhaps begin to dismantle all that privilege so that you can feel comfortable not talking about yourself so much when people are trying to talk about something that you don’t (yet) understand.

    See, “yet”.

    Don’t worry buddy. We’ve all been there. Or not. We know you know you want to chill out and get out of the way of social progress. Or at least pipe down. Sounds like you need to talk through some stuff and get grounded in some history, not Glen Beck rhetoric. We can help. No judgement, promise.

    Sound good? Say when and where, and bring that $50.

  46. IShouldBeChargingForThis says:

    Oh ha, and you’re wrong again.

    If you are actually willing to have a conversation in person, I will wave the $50 you-talk-too-much fee. But I doubt after everything you’ve barfed on this board that you’d be willing to publicly identify yourself in the community.

    • Are you a life coach or a drug dealer? Why would I want to pay you $50.00?

    • What do you want to talk about? Why do we have to meet in person, I’m busy!

    • You know, Delegate Nerd is not totally wrong, in my opinion, and the people who disagree with him are nowhere near totally right, but anyone who calls someone else out about not ‘publicly identifying himself in the community’ — while hiding behind one or more stupid online handles him-or-herself — has got a lot of fucking gall.

      For the record, I don’t think anybody should ever post their real name in a place like this. Want to get a new job? Hook up? Rent an apartment? That time you lost your temper — that once — might come back to haunt you. Don’t fucking do it.

  47. IShouldBeChargingForThis says:

    I’m whatever you need Nerd. Remember? It’s all about you.

    • What is it all about, if it’s not all about me?

      • IShouldBeChargingForThis says:

        Of course not silly. I don’t have your hangups.

        If you had actually read the document that is the basis for this whole blog post, you would know it’s about respecting a group of people that you don’t seem to know much about. I am just interested in why you maniacally began to talk about yourself instead of just trying to listen and broaden your perspective.

        SOOOOO, besides this one person trippin’ and literally taking up way too much mental and physical space on this thread, I am interested to hear from others what are some ways that we can bring this discussion offline into the real world, since where that’s where the real magic happens…

        • “Of course not silly. I don’t have your hangups.”

          Yeah, because your the groovy easy going hippie chick, nobody ever blamed you for all the problems of the world. I have the white man’s burden. Not you!

          • IShouldBeChargingForThis says:

            Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Would you like a hug?

            Last chance to stand behind your privilege and meet in public. For free.

            Yes or No, very easy.

            If not, I recommend we all boycott NerdBoy because it’s very old at this point. And unless it goes public, I’m not interested in still talking about/with/over him.

        • How do you plan on stopping Peabody Coal from evicting the Navajo grandmothers you described?

        • If you want to get paid to be a liberal activist, you should go to law school. Then you can protest legally and make money off of it. Do you know who John Burris is?

          • IShouldBeChargingForThis says:

            Nerd, I don’t want their money. I want yours.

            You are the one requiring people’s time and energy and not making space for dialogue about anything besides your own whining because of your own issues.

            I think if you make this your whiny therapy board, then you should compensate people accordingly. Actually, it’s kind of a bargain.

            And if that $50 gets donated to print more of those zines or to an anti-oppression organization, you deal with your issues, and everybody else has space to comment, then everybody wins.

            Anyways, you aren’t ready for it, obviously.

            I’m done with Nerd taking up space, so I’m signing off folks. It’s been fun. Unlike all-the-time-in-the-world-on-here Nerd comment-spamming, some of us have jobs that we have to actually work at.

        • The Navajo chose to renew the leases on Four Corners Power Plant. You lost.

        • J. White says:

          Are you familiar with They have been fighting to prevent a Native American burial ground from being turned into a park.

  48. That’s old news fact check!

  49. batman says:


  50. leviathan says:

    Delegate Nerd (the troll). What’s your address? Can you post a link to your facebook page? It’ll be awesome when someone burns down your apartment and beats the shit out of you. It’s what humans are good at doing, and if it happens to you for no good reason, then oh well. Stand up for yourself; if you win, all of us self righteous pricks will suck on your white power.

    • What exactly did I say that made everybody so mad? I really have no idea.

    • “It’ll be awesome when someone burns down your apartment and beats the shit out of you.”

      You know that’s a really horrible thing to say to somebody.

    • Oh, and are you a white American male, by the way? Just curious. Because if you are you then you must realize that your ancestors were genocidal murderers and you are illegally occupying land that actually belongs to Native Americans.

    • Maybe somebody will burn down your apartment and beat the shit out of you.

    • And if it happens to you for no good reason, then oh well.

      • leviathan says:

        “Historically there is nothing unusual about military invasions! We didn’t steal the land, we overpowered a weaker culture with our superior military technology and won a war against it! Can you handle that?”

        These are your words Nerd, and if you are having trouble drawing a parallel between your comment above and my comment I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

        I’m actually a mixed race Puerto Rican male, who can’t seem to get enough of your callous ignorance.

        • “Historically there is nothing unusual about military invasions! We didn’t steal the land, we overpowered a weaker culture with our superior military technology and won a war against it! Can you handle that?”

          This is an ugly statement and I felt bad for typing it the day after. But it’s also a true statement. An ugly truth, but a truth. Pre-contact tribes weren’t above killing each other over hunting grounds, they even promoted it. Native American tribes weren’t run as peaceful vegetarian co-ops, as some hippies will tell you. Many of them were hierarchical, very ferocious, and war-like, especially a lot of the plains tribes, and when white people did arrive, many of them attacked white settlers, unprovoked. My point is that they weren’t helpless victims and they weren’t utopian the way a lot of left-wing apologists portray them to be.

          Not every piece of land was stolen by white people, and not every treaty was betrayed. Some treaties were honored as written and are still in use today, often a fact unacknowledged by left-wing historians. Genocide was never entirely enacted because there are still 4 million Native Americans living in the U.S. today. There even were periods of extended detainment where the U.S. military could have executed indians in mass, but they chose not to.

          I think there are victims and injustices, but none of them are my fault. I get tired of being blamed for things just because I’m white. There are race wars happening even today. I don’t hang out with Surenos or Bloods because they don’t like me and they are extremists. But I’ve had a lot of friends and acquaintances and girlfriends that were not white and I’m glad that America has in many parts matured into a more multi-cultural society, where people can be friends and celebrate their shared wealth and social equality. It’s not like that everywhere, but it’s better than it used to be, which gives us hope that social progress is possible.

          Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and Mao Zedong are examples of cruel oppressive leaders that murdered, imprisoned, and tortured, tens of thousands, and none of them were white. Drum machines, bicycles, and aluminum foil are all great inventions invented by white people, that multi-racial 21st century urban dwellers enjoy and benefit from on a daily basis. I’m not a white power freak, but if black people, latinos, native americans, and asian people get to have their pride movements, why can’t I say some positive things about my race?

          Incidentally, one other interesting statistic that might surprise some people would be to learn that if you look at the global population, only about 1 out of every 12 people on the planet is a white male. So actually, on a global level, we are a minority. Shocking right? I’m not making that statistic up.

          Final statement, if my initial comments made any of you angry, and you really want to help Native American people, try and go and visit a reservation and see it for yourself, instead of letting other people define your world for you. If you want to make a financial donation from home, here’s a website for a charity that helps Native American people:

          Here’s a link to one of the causes Hilary was promoting as well:

          • native person says:

            I am native and I have friends from all over the world. Your discourse is frightening. We are all part of the problem and the solution. No ones needs to do anything but to share, share opinions but in a manner that is efficient and to the point.

            Just to let you know. Anybody, if they choose so, can wear a headdress but just be informed of where it comes from and respect it.

            Lets do a trade I will wear a headdress and you wear a white hood and we shake hands now that could possibly be interesting.

            You make me laugh. You have all these questions that you answer from a discourse of history.
            Where do you really stand. On the discourse that history repeats itself. Live in the present not the past. You do not seem that old.

            Open your mind. Try and be yourself without repeating things from the past (or based on statistics cause statistics change all the time). It only brings animosity and regret and stand by your point of view.

            When you say my ancestors would be proud. We believe in our ancestors so we are not that different me and you. Well maybe we are. You would be like one of my FAS suffering cousin. Has a hard time with civility and being polite.

            Maybe you guys could get together and burn a cross or something. Not referring to anything just burning of things. Kinda like what wars do. DESTROY.

            Have a nice life Delegate Nerd.

            Ekosi (means than you in cree)

          • native person says:

            oops. thank you is what I tried to write.
            sorry english is my second language.

  51. What can you possibly say to defend or redeem yourself?

    • leviathan says:

      What can you possibly say to defend or redeem yourself?

      I was just making a point. You were being serious. Can you handle that?

  52. scum says:

    When I get over my issues with my fellow crackers then I will move on to the other colors. P.S. I have white grief, not white guilt.

  53. Azmataz says:

    You people are entirely too fucking hilarious. Not only is nobody trolling anyone here (you’re all blatantly sincere), but every valid point has been ignored in favor of being “the last” person to tell someone to fuck off.

    I’ll fix it for you.

    tl;dr: we all have so much free time on our hands that we can spend it here, arguing towards a resolution that will never arrive, and which would not affect one jot or tittle of reality if it did.

    Fucking hell will you people get a life.

  54. J. White says:

    People who are actually interested in current Native issues in the Bay should check out the Protect Glen Cove site and also the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland.

    • Normal says:

      Becoming involved with people who freak out about such trivial crap doesn’t sound very appealing. There are plenty of people to hang out with that aren’t jerks.

      • Mr. White says:

        @ normal again with the douche bag comments huh? What if I walked into YOUR church drank the holy water, and urinated on the building? Or desecrated something you do care about simply because I don’t freak out about trivial crap like religious observation… just saying

        • Normal says:

          That’s exactly why you’re a douche-bag-drama-queen-fascist. That feathered hat is the property of either the model or the photographer. No one in no way violated another person’s property or holy relic.

          You are the equivalent of an overzealous Catholic priest getting all up in arms about some fetish shoot where the chick is wearing a rubber nun suit.

          Your rights end where another person’s begins, and that chick can wear whatever fucking hat she owns or has permission to wear.

          • Mr. White says:

            never said she couldn’t just saying that you lack of ability to see other peoples views is a sad and pathetic thing. Wasting time trolling blogs while you should be working… But to each there own have fun with your type 2 diabetes douche

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            Mr. White is right.

          • Normal says:

            No he isn’t.

        • Normal says:

          Awww… Does Mr. White have a saggy diaper that leaks because he can’t tell other people what to wear?

          Here’s a tip – mind your own fucking business, you busy-body-church-lady-fascist-pig.

          • Mr. White says:

            naw just amused at your lack of social skills in general. When idiots are reduced to slinging insults rather than intelligent discourse- I have never been against suicide, actually in this particular case if you where to set yourself on fire and i had a glass of water… I’d drink it and smile…

          • Normal says:

            Oh, the irony, Mr. White….

  55. Nipsaaaay Rustle says:

    I think she looks hot – women can wear whatever they want. This other crap makes me despise SF and internet forums. I would slap all of you (men) on the street. Buncha pantywaists up in here.

  56. Victory! says:

    Great news y’all-

    While we have all been dealing with anonymous racism on this thread, the Committee to Protect Glen Cove just scored a MAJOR VICTORY in Vallejo to protect a sacred shellmound burial site, just miles from the Mission Mission.

    This is huge, and sets a precedent for Native sovereignty over ancestral burial sites in the future.

    This struggle has been led by Native people who’s land we live on, even when we are sitting in the Mission Mission on a computer. Nobody is saying everybody needs to leave now that we’re all here, but that does mean we should recognize reality and stop enacting settler-entitlement racist thought patterns… let’s start with respecting the burial sites of the First Peoples here and not treating their culture like fictional dress-up costumes we can wear at a party.

    This thread may be the first time that some people realized that there are STILL Native people here today, and they are STILL fighting genocide and for respect and human rights… and the learning curve has been a bit ugly and at times depressingly ignorant.

    But we’re all gonna start from where we’re at… and now that people know and are talking about it, I hope that we all realize there are many ways that we all can (and should!) support these leaders.

    Protect Sacred Sites! Respect Human Rights!

    Congratulations to Segorea Te!

  57. Injuns R Us says:

    I trust that you folks will soon realize that you are only supporting this douche-monkey in his attempt to become famous (via this comment section) ~ because obviously he isn’t able to do it elsewhere/place in life/profession. Stop the comments, but bring them to public discussion where people can actually have dialogue and not have wikipedia at their fingertips to support their ‘knowledge’ (or actually do it for them).

    NERD is an ignoramus and should not be rewarded in any way. If he had any sort of back bone, this forum would be taken into a context where actual people (hopefully not his local circle jerk) were present and able to give him a real dose of life, within this silly little cyber-life that he exists in – ha! assuming its a ‘he’.

    Besides some people’s family don’t teach them what respect is, so we shouldn’t expect those children to have any such trait.


  58. rocky yazzie says:

    dude..i’m not complaining..I’ve gotten so much ass by just being a Native American in SF. Thank you 415

  59. Hi to every one, it’s genuinely a pleasant for me to pay a visit this website, it consists of helpful Information.

  60. Whatever says:

    Hey guys, as a young native american woman, I do in fact find white people wearing headdresses for the sake of fashion offensive. Headdresses are sacred and are a privilege to wear in my culture. Elders and medicine men are the only ones who wear them. Seeing headdresses reduced to a fashion statement makes me cringe. I don’t think the people wearing them are bad, crude, or obscene as the gesture itself; I believe its merely a sign of ignorance. And for the record, my mother is caucasian and I grew up with her. My dad’s side of the family lives on reservations. While a lot of what you people say is true- that indians drink, do drugs, and/or are poor- take into consideration that there’s little to no funding for education, and very few employment opportunities. Many of them live on welfare because they can’t afford to do otherwise. Then there’s the issue of fracking, which is when the government harvests oil from their land, causing environmental issues (ESPECIALLY harming their water supply!)and underpaying those who own the land. The suicide rate on reservations is horrifyingly high due to depression, which stems from a number of things from alcoholism to poverty to abuse. Also, some of you who are trying to justify the genocide of the native americans a few generations back by claiming the matter to be survival of the fittest..can you say heil hitler? There’s no excuse. You make me sick.

  61. plc says:

    sorry this is perpetually offensive eh I so is life sometimes but I must admit I found her hot not thinking it was a sacred offense but since it is they could have also broaden the point by having her smoking a jay or better yet as many modern day new wave modern native americans of all gene pools born in this continent or turtle island if u will a fabled peace pipe as many an ignorant child might allude to as we bask in the lingering spirit of 20,000 years of pre native american history. may the spirits of the land dwell in your soul. peace.

  62. plc says:

    As to the ideal of genocide I’ve never taken the life of another sentient being for anything short of survival such as a squirrel for dinner. The ideal of genocide should sicken everyone and I’m certainly glad I wasn’t a part of it.
    Didn’t some of the previous civilizations in more agrarian time also invent
    irrigation ? I’ve read the Hopi have a saying that goes if two people talking to one and other and agree with each other over fifteen minutes one of them is a liar. glad there is so much honesty to be found here!

  63. Ads MC says:

    Personally I think If you wear one then it’s a sign against racism and it’s also preserving the native American culture amongst the masses.

    Yes I am white from the uk and no I am not a racist, but please explane to me, is this a religious peace of headware or have any religious symbolic meaning?

    • Rachel says:

      No, it’s not, sorry. It’s taking something sacred, that when worn by native american has great spiritual importance and making it a fashion item. It wasn’t just a fancy hat, it was only given to people who’d achieved great feats in battle and it carried meaning. What’s worse is that if people insist on wearing them, they buy them from fashion retailers rather than supporting native Americans who produce them properly. It’s just not right. How would you feel if the ancestors of the people who killed and oppressed a lot of your ancestors took something incredibly important to your culture and made it a meaningless accessory because they want to look edgy. Haven’t we taken enough from these people?

  64. honkey killer says:

    the European Americans aka white people didn’t cure any diseases they BROUGHT THE DISEASES. the natives were a people who bathed daily whereas the whites of that period bathed a couple times a year. u also brought them alcohol and drugs.

  65. Little Eva Destruction says:

    “alcohol and drugs”

    Well that’s a win/win isn’t it?

  66. Jryyy says:

    Get off that guys dick,he has a right to his opinion,1st amendment…I am Native American .you guys are all close minded….fuck off

  67. Rachel says:

    Appropriating a cultural staple and making into a fashion item isn’t right really. I would suggest you leave it on the shelf.

  68. Madeline says:

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    veгy own coffee maker уou wkll choose to repdat the approach the
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  69. Tia says:

    I feel that you are doing the title, nerd, injustice. Nerds care about the world and all its denizens, seeking out knowledge to form well-adjusted beliefs. At least that’s the definition I try to live up to.
    I noticed that you did not take the time to consider why some Native Americans are upset about the headdresses being used in fashion, sporting events, etc. It is my understanding that the headdress is of great cultural significance to the many tribes that have them. They are a piece of regalia that must be earned. To have it carelessly plastered on sports mascots and anorexic models makes a mockery of these revered practices.
    You comparing them to designer jeans and the 1930′s era is wrong.
    A people’s traditional practices should not be treated as a trend.