New owners of former Discolandia space debut new ‘Porkolandia’ signage

Gorgeous, right? Read all about the decision and the fabrication process here.

14 Responses to “New owners of former Discolandia space debut new ‘Porkolandia’ signage”

  1. Man, I’m going to be so heartbroken when they reveal the actual new name of this place.

    (If anyone else would like to start a pork-based venture…CALL ME)

  2. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Oh man, I *WISH* this were true.

  3. truth says:

    I’m glad you guys are liveblogging the construction over there.

  4. paulina says:

    i second the vote for puercolandia. genius.

  5. wow! that looks just like the one i made

  6. miles was right by the way, that is a terrible photoshop

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