Mission girl goes to Detroit, makes rap video about biking and boys

You might remember Breezee One from her list of Mission boy romantic red flags that everybody loved so much. Her hot new music video for “Bike Chase” just might be even better:

Is “Bianchis, Peugeots, Cinellis, Fujis” the new “Gucci Gucci, Fendi Fendi, Louis Louis, Prada” or is ”Bianchis, Peugeots, Cinellis, Fujis” the new “Gucci Gucci, Fendi Fendi, Louis Louis, Prada”?

[via Racoon Lyfe]

24 Responses to “Mission girl goes to Detroit, makes rap video about biking and boys”

  1. Jrands says:

    whew. to think in my mind that this girl was attractive after boasting about all her sexual escapades. i was disappointed that she left sf because i thought i might get a piece. after watching this video i’m glad she’s gone. damn.

  2. rightofway says:

    why do the bay area girls hate hip hop so much that they wish to destroy it…

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:


    • TC says:

      It’s not that they hate it, it’s because-
      1. You only need a synth with a drum machine.
      2. ANYBODY can do it.
      3. It’s potentially a cash cow. (no disrespect BREEZEE)
      4. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get your mug on the internet without working for Kink.com

      • Mad says:

        It’s not that easy to work for Kink.com! 2000+ applicant waiting list!

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          For people. Kink.com is a terrible company to work for.

        • TC says:

          It IS that easy, having an alleged 2000+ people in line doesn’t make it difficult. There’s no entrance exam, no qualifications needed and no previous experience required. What you’ve got is 2000+ people either in bad financial shape or not interested in “traditional” work. The only hard thing about getting a job there is figuring out how to get $$$ until your name is called. I also agree with Herr Doktor, Kink.com is a horrible place to work. Don’t let their “sex positive” work environment fool you, it’s a company that hates women making for for people that hate women.

  3. surferchic says:

    what a great video!

  4. no fish today says:

    does this gorgeous girl really get that much action?

  5. DoubleD's says:

    This chick is flossy as fuck and cute too!!!

  6. you really have to wonder says:

    What ALL these dudes look like. I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick. But hey, big girls need love too.

  7. Emm. says:

    DAMN, she. is. fly.

  8. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    She is really bad at rapping.

  9. Heather says:

    I’m not sure I’m sold on her as a rapper, but she is totally freaking adorable.

  10. GetReal says:

    Wow, so bad it’s not even good bad.

  11. scum says:

    Breezee One, The Bigga Wigga.

  12. Whatever says:

    Watch out Rebecca Black!

  13. realnice666 says:

    hey, that girl has confidence! cant say the same about some of these commenters

  14. c’mon y’aaaaaaaaal quit hating. fergies just branching out on her own now that the black eyed peas broke up. someone plz drive her up to Moncton so she collabo with Godfather Big Bo$$.