Boys in the Mission

Mission Boyfriends, an examination of what it’s like dating dudes here in the neighborhood, is advising women not to overlook certain red flags:

Here is a list of red flags that I chose to overlook. Bad choice.

- Whilst fucking he said “I don’t want to get you pregnant…at least not right now”

- When I asked him what kinda kinky shit he was into (hinting at something we could do together) he responded with : “well, ive always been into Asians. Then I got into pregnant chicks. Then I got into pregnant Asians, and then I got into trannys.”

Hmm. Read on to see how our heroine chose to deal with this situation.

[Photo by Jason Yim]

4 Responses to “Boys in the Mission”

  1. Andy says:

    “Aren’t you glad we moved to this cultural mecca?”

  2. Lauren says:

    love this girl

  3. fylompa says:

    Fun idea but really hard to read in a purely technical sense: white text floating in a translucent black column over a busy background. Either it’s willful obscurantism or just plain ignorance.

  4. Girl says:

    Finally a blog I can relate too!!