Bike stolen along with rack it was locked to INSIDE a building

Lesson learned. From now on I’m keeping my bike under my pillow while I sleep.

This bike belongs to SFist summer intern Andrew Dalton! Bummer! I think he lives above the Popeye’s on Divisadero, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re up thataways this afternoon? (Or if you’re anywhere, really?)

18 Responses to “Bike stolen along with rack it was locked to INSIDE a building”

  1. chris says:

    Dude, mine got jacked this morning from inside my backyard in the same area. Dude would have had to been a parkour afficianado to even get back there.

    • Andrew says:

      Chris: Yeah, not that I think about it, if the thief didn’t already have keys to the front door and gate, he could have gotten in the back of the building by scaling some walls out back. I’m gonna ask around the usual bike crowd at Bean Bag and Mojo if they heard anything later today.

  2. scum says:

    Something tells me that Herr Doktor has a large collection of fixies.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Naw, the more fixies there are out on the streets the better, as far as I am concerned. Everytime I see one it gives me something to laugh at, and what could be better than that?

      The opportunity to mock ridiculous bicycles is like a little gift the hipsters of San Francisco give me a few times every day. It would be deeply ungracious of me to reject that.

  3. Adam says:

    Thanks for posting this, Allan. My bike was locked next to it (on a separate rack) and they completely loosened the stem and seatpost but didn’t make off with ‘em.

  4. Anon says:

    One of my friends bikes was stolen from the rack INSIDE the Wells Fargo on 16th & Mission a few years back while she was standing in the teller line. Someone distracted the security guy standing next to the rack while the other dude ganked it.

  5. Phillip says:

    Will our babies ever be safe?

  6. crikcrawler says:

    That gaudy piece of shit deserved to be stolen

  7. tastr says:

    Mine was stolen outside of Pops a couple months back. I’m starting to wonder if those kids who slap stickers all over their beautiful frames are the smart ones. Who ever heard about one of those getting jacked?

    • JspiderSF says:

      My seven year old road bike with stickers all over it and a big Avalos for Mayor sign hanging off the rack was stolen a couple months ago. Nobody is safe.

  8. buzzgirl says:

    My front wheel was stolen on Saturday. I asked a cop where the most likely place to find it was, and he told me to go to 7th/Market (near the fountain). I went down, lock in hand, ready to beat the shit out of the thief if I found him/her (maybe, or not really), but no luck. I did find:

    a)Someone trying to sell me a stolen frame for $5; and
    b)Two people willing to steal me replacements.


  9. In The Mission, Too says:

    Just a week ago my bike was stolen from the basement of my apartment building in the Mission. Frankly, I think this type of bike theft is common, but perhaps there is a trend here involving one thief (or a group of them).

  10. T-Bone says:

    Got my bike stolen the same way years ago. Cut the cable and did not leave a trace.

  11. James Teow says:

    Argh that blows. Nice setup too.

    It seems like the only real safe places are within your apartment/house or inside your workplace. Someone I know left their bike on their third floor rear balcony. The thief jumped the fence, went up the fire escape to the balcony and threw the bike over onto the backyard grass, and climbed over the fence with it. Another had their bike stolen from their garage.

  12. damian says: everyone wonders how thieves are sneaking around in backyards ect(esp. in the mission)you may notice those creatures..called:crackheads…smoking crack all night long on the sidestreets of the district..out in the early morning hours;all early morning..every day/night..sneaking through everything;cutting locks;bashing vehicle windows,sneaking…sneaking..all night..all early morning..smoking crack..staying awake days on end..on your stairs..smoking crack..on capp st..all night all early morning..smoking ya feel maybe the neighborhoods historic(and probably bibical) tolerance for this;has something to do with the problem?????

  13. damian says:

    (to the young sweetie who had her bike stolen;and didnt know how it was done..for you ( and the rest of the riders…im one too..FREON sprayed into a bike lock will:FREEZE THE LOCKING MECHANISM;AND THEN LOCK CAN BE SHATTERED OPEN WITH A HAMMER..i see aq lot of FREON canisters on the sidewalks..this is how your locks are disappearin without being cut..its an old trick “they”(the theives)were using in SAN DIEGO back in the 1980s.someone figured it now you need to get locks that ARE NOT FROZEN IN THEIR MECHANISMS BY FREON..

  14. jimc says:

    I think it`d be great if somebody could invent a device that would give a huge electric shock to somebody who tries to tamper with your bike. Of course you`d have a combination or switch to turn it on and off. I say put a major hurt to those mf theives.