Ladies who race

I hear third prize is one of those kickass Alite sleeping bags. Best of luck, gals!

8 Responses to “Ladies who race”

  1. kusfwtf says:

    By this flyer I’m guessing it’s topless and high heels are required.

  2. truth says:

    It’s true, women can’t compete athletically unless they’re being sexually objectified at the same time.

  3. christy o. says:

    stop your yapping and come race!

  4. waldito says:

    By the flyer, I’m guessing a vintage Mavic gruppo is required. And a straight-block cassette.

  5. Jack Walker says:

    Jeez, will you like at that bike! Its a dream. 32 hole sew-ups, Campy record C aero brakes, shit complete record group, 12/17 straight block, rolls saddle, fo mo fo toe clips! I think I’m in love.