The plight of the ordinary brownie

It’s a cute joke (via Napkin Please), but I’m not sure I buy it necessarily. Here are a couple of partygoers thoroughly enjoying an “ordinary” brownie from Hey Cookie the other night:

Seriously, that was an amazing brownie.

6 Responses to “The plight of the ordinary brownie”

  1. fungman says:

    Immediate reaction to photo:


  2. parisa says:

    i don’t care how cute you look selling them, over-priced brownies without magic butter are just stupid… tasty, but stupid.

  3. "hey, cookie!" says:

    Thank you so much, Allan! There are more brownies heading your way in just a few minutes. I look forward to seeing you all at the Ping Pong Block Party tonight!!

  4. made with the knowledge that all brownies are special

  5. zTibs says:

    Hahaha, awesome