Your tax dollars at work

Reader Tyler B. explains:

Just snapped this photo about 15 minutes ago. When we first walked by to vote, this couple was standing there while two city workers were fishing through the drain. When we came back, there was this huge machine. We asked if someone lost something and this girl said, “my boyfriend lost his keys and watch down the drain. The sucked all the water and gunk out and then two guys got down there and found them!” Your tax dollars at work!

7 Responses to “Your tax dollars at work”

  1. Matthew says:

    That clumsy man may not realize it, but he’s a job creator.

  2. Kaustik says:

    Fuck that. The guy should have manned up, kicked his apartment door in and dealt with it.

    I demand my $0.00000000000003 in taxes back.

  3. Erik says:

    I hope he at least bought a beer for the guy who had to climb into a storm drain to retrieve his keys for him.

  4. no fish today says:

    who do you even call for this?

  5. tk says:

    i doubt that this really happened.