Barefoot bike ride


It’s one thing to walk around in this city without shoes, but it’s quite another thing altogether to actually ride a bike without wearing anything on your feet. The craziest part of this situation was that it was 9pm as we were deboarding the train.

I asked the woman in question, “Do you always ride around without shoes?” She replied in the affirmative and added with a smile, “It really doesn’t feel that bad!” I considered this for a moment before countering, “But isn’t it cold?”

“Yes,” she admitted while casting her glance downward. “It is cold.”

3 Responses to “Barefoot bike ride”

  1. beartrash says:

    It’s Britney, bitch?

  2. thbbbpppt says:

    Barefoot riding is the new fixed-gear. Yeah, you just feel more, like, connected to the bike. It’s more primal.

  3. ied says:

    Hippie/hipster trash…ewwww.