Please, girls, just embrace the fact that I’m dressed cuter than you

Ruby in the Dust (pictured) explains:

San Francisco is one big fucking stage. It is a constant theater production. When I am walking down the street, it’s like I’m the second coming of Jesus fucking Christ. I’m not even egotistical about this. If I’m dressed cuter than a girl, her eyes automatically shift to the side because she’s challenged and I see a dirty look plastered on her face. It’s weird because I feel like we’re all interconnected. I can feel myself as a part of her, and her a part of me. I don’t understand why we can’t embrace the communal human THING that we share and be happy over it?

Read on for a few other musings on life in San Francisco.

31 Responses to “Please, girls, just embrace the fact that I’m dressed cuter than you”

  1. Erik says:

    Sounds like a fat chick.

  2. Jamin Time says:

    I think you are trying to understand ego. The fact that you try to dress “cute” yourself indicates you have an ego and want to impress others (don’t pretend you “dress so you look good for yourself”). So when it turns into a competition, don’t pretend you aren’t contributing to this outcome.

    If your last sentence is true then you should understand humanity more and spend less time worrying about how to look cute. Humans are driven by ego. And this is a good thing.

  3. GG says:

    MM, I love you guys, but posting links to other people’s personal blogs purely to hold them up for mockery by the much-larger MM readership is a mean-spirited thing to do. This is probably some 21-year-old kid posting for the benefit of her friends and family. We all said dumb shit at that age, I’m just glad there wasn’t much of an internet around back then in my own case.

    • d says:

      I agree 100%.

    • Allan Hough says:

      Don’t be so cynical, you guys. I put this up because I like this blog and thought this was a particularly fun post.

      • GG says:

        OK OK. By the way, my comment should have included the disclaimer that when I walk down the street, ALL and I mean ALL of my attention is focused on whether or not the person walking towards me is dressed “cuter” than I am. I assume 100% of you feel the same way.

    • Jamin Time says:

      Haha. I think your post is the most offensive to the author. I contested her attitude and viewpoint. But you discount it as the musings of someone ignorant and immature. Condescension isn’t very cute.

      And if someone writes crap in their blog, it is assumed they want the world to read it. Her blog is full of re-posts (originality is a lot of work). So she should be cool with this.

    • Olu says:

      I love the cross-post riots that break out here.

  4. hnnrryyyy says:

    looks like she is at jackson arms. I approve.

  5. cookiekisses says:

    Maybe she is shy because she thinks you are cute?

  6. parisa says:

    “second coming of jesus fucking christ,” your american apparel has nothing on my vintage ysl. interconnect that, bitch.

  7. The Tens says:

    This goes doubly for men and beard length jealousy.

  8. skeptical says:

    Wow this girl sounds like a mess. Too bad you can’t coordinate your outfit with daddy issues.

  9. Preems says:

    when i walk down the street, i got my eyes peeled for loose $20′s and cute dogs

  10. trixrforkids says:

    i gotta say, san francisco is the only city i’ve been in where heterosexual women check each other out as much as any combination of any demographic on the prowl. i dress the way i want to and cute is subjective, but i think this person has a point about the competitive nature of women in this city. her blog does sound egotistical and i would probably choose not to write in her quote unquote voice.

    i once found $25 on the street right after i had realized that i didn’t have enough money to get to work, so keeping your eyes on the ground is also sometimes beneficial.

    • rod says:

      you and this girl are both projecting your own insecurity/crazy upon every other girl you come across. it’s not for you to say what people are thinking when they pass you on the street.

  11. johnson says:

    Brooklyn is worse.

  12. Boo says:

    Her blog is pictures of pretty people and “shocking” quotes. Let me guess that she’s a recovering alcoholic because the alcohol made her more interesting.

  13. No fish today says:

    TL; DR

  14. scum says:

    Kids these days.

  15. crimson in the clouds says:

    I absolutely agree with her. The first comment which states that one’s only motivation to applying creativity to their ensemble should be to impress someone else would make perfect sense as to why so many people in this city lack even a snippet of personal style. I know first hand because I’ve helped you people shop. The majority of you are carbon copies of one another. If I see another mustached-mission-man-militia in a yamaka sized beanie, itchy pendelton, & brand new clarks I’m gong to puke. “I dress for comfort” is probably what he would say if you ask him why he’s wearing that uniform. When in reality, his head his cold, his nipples are probably chafing, and his feet have blisters…..but at least he fits in. Now the ladies are a bit more creative, but with that often comes some crude competition among those of the same sex, just as Miss Ruby’s blog post was referring to. Now as someone who makes their own clothes & hasn’t purchased an item of clothing from a mass marketed retail store in over 5 years, I guess you could say my style is pretty eccentric. I’m definitely not following trends or attempting to keep up with the latest & greatest, but I do choose to use clothing as a means of self-expression, and I do so because it makes me happy. Now the problem with dressing nice or unique as a woman in this city, is that more often than not, it automatically is received as competition. Wherever I go I make a conscious effort to send out the most friendly, welcoming, and open-hearted vibes…. especially towards women, and if I am dressed well, none of that matters, because they are not looking at the smile on my face or the sincerity in my eyes. They are looking at my outfit, head to toe… then either looking upset, down, away, or rolling their eyes 360 degrees to their girlfriend next door and whispering who knows what while I’m sitting there smiling, awkwardly, wishing they would see me as a human in a creatively articulated costume rather than a mannequin modeling an outfit.

    Ruby in the Dust, I feel your pain girl. Keep rocking it the way you do, it’s a good filtering process for those who can’t see beyond the membrane.

  16. dongprop says:

    looking at the local special needs fashion blog makes it hard to believe people are truly worried about looking cute in SF.

  17. Kate says:

    I like to look at what people are wearing. Maybe if you have something on that I admire, I will look carefully at it to see how it was made, so I can use some of the design elements later. It’s not jealousy… I’m not sure most people think that way.

  18. henry peabody says:

    This title is fucking skewed. After perusing the author’s blog, I can tell she’s not self-obsessed or consumed with looking “cute”. Personal style is a way of expressing oneself. The article was about how pretentious the Mission CAN BE. Allan gave this the wrong title… just so it could get more views. Shame on you Allan.