DJ Purple switching to monthly at Jack’s and bimonthly at Make-Out Room, debuting new SOMA party at Showdown and new dance-heavier songbooks

[A little birdie happened to mention hearing something about DJ Purple starting up a new party at Showdown on 6th Street, so we got in touch with the man himself in order to get the real facts. Incidentally, the birdie looked a lot like Ryan Gosling.]

I hear there are some changes coming to the DJ Purple Karaoke Dance Party Schedule. What’s happening exactly?

Lots of changes. I’m switching from weekly to monthly at Jack’s. After four years – we’re celebrating our 4 year anniversary in April – it’s time for a change.

Karaoke at Jack’s will still continue every week. I’ll be there the first Thursday of the month, the incomparable Glenny Kravitz will be there 2nd and 4th Thursdays, and we’re still looking for the perfect KJ for 3rd Thursdays.

So April 5th will be my last weekly Thursday at Jack’s, and we’ll also be celebrating 4 years of Purple at Jack’s that night, so come join us!

Meanwhile, starting Thursday, April 19th, I’ll be launching a new monthly show at the Showdown in SOMA! That will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Come check it out!

Also, starting April 9th, I’ll be adding a second monthly show at the Make-Out Room! So I’ll be there on the 2nd and 4th Mondays every month.

I think that covers it. I’m also looking for new places to try out, plus the pink books are coming… :)

This is all so exciting! Did the move away from Jack’s have anything to do with people being bummed about the $4 cover?

Well, I don’t want to try to analyze all the factors involved – the recent vacation I took gave me a chance for some bigger perspective, and it just felt like I needed to make something new happen with my gigs in the city.

What can people expect from Glenny’s show? How is it different?

Glenny Kravitz is the official 2010 Best KJ in SF (SF Weekly) and one of my role models for karaoke. The words “wild & wacky” come to mind, or I could quote from the SF Weekly:

“He cues it up, calls your name, and rocks out next to you, often soulfully harmonizing with even the most off-key performers. He’s like a nurse on the front lines; a saint among the lepers.”

Can’t wait! Are there specific things you’re looking forward to regarding Showdown? I know they have some great whiskey specials, and you can have food delivered from Show Dogs around the corner — karaoke and sausage, oh yeah!

Number one, I’m most excited just about playing at a new venue! I haven’t launched a new show for over a year, when we started at the Make-Out Room! It’s always fun transforming a new place into karaoke heaven… :)

Thanks for reminding me about some of the specialties at Showdown. The thing that most struck me about it so far is how positive people are about the place, the staff, and the owner, Johnny Venetti.

Just looking at the Yelp reviews, the enthusiasm comes through. Also, while most nightclubs average 3 stars, Showdown averages 4 stars… :)

Can you tell us anymore about the pink books?

The pink books are going to take the “Karaoke Dance Party” to a new level. My books are already very dance oriented, but the new books are going to take it even farther…

We did an experiment a few years ago with similar books at the Zen Lounge in Mountain View, and the results were amazing. Imagine karaoke at a real dance club, with the dance floor packed the whole night… :)


[Thanks, Jon!] [Photo by Lizzy!]

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  1. Jon says:

    As in Lars and the Real Girl Gosling, second part of Blue Valentine Gosling, or the part in Drive where he dies?

    I give Captain Joe Garvey the credit for helping make the connection. You can see him do the “Doogie” live on April 19th.