Old people that live in the suburbs think ‘white girls shouldn’t be in the Mission’

While apartment hunting over the weekend, our pal Emily got some crummy advice from a prospective landlord who’d asked her what neighborhoods she was interested in:

When I said the Mission, he gave me a strange look and kind of shook his head. “You’re at an idealistic age. The Mission isn’t for you. Maybe you’re tougher than you look, but, I don’t think you should live there. I once had a tenant from New York, thought she was real tough. After two weeks in the Mission, she begged me for her old lease.”

This coming from a guy who lives in Modesto or something. And THEN, another run-in the next day, with yet another old person:

[A] coworker and I were talking about places we have been looking at. A customer overheard us and chimed in on the conversation. “I used to live in Telegraph Hill back when it was affordable. I used to hang out in North Beach before the neighborhood went to shit.” The typical “San Francisco isn’t what it used to be blah blah blah” lecture ensued. She moved out of the city to have kids, surprise, surprise. She started to outline every neighborhood, what was wrong with them, and then she got to the Mission.

“I won’t even go to the Mission now that I have children. My brother lives in a condo there and I don’t go. I avoided that neighborhood fifteen years ago, and I avoid it now. A cop once told me ‘While girls shouldn’t be in the Mission.’ And, well, white girls shouldn’t be in the Mission.”

Ugh. Read on for more of Emily’s thoughts on the whole thing.

[Photo by Emily]

81 Responses to “Old people that live in the suburbs think ‘white girls shouldn’t be in the Mission’”

  1. scum says:

    I hope we don’t get anymore of these types.

    • SlideSF says:

      I totally agree. The Mission already has enough white girls.

      • Haz Been says:


      • Genesis V says:

        Haha this made me laugh so hard!!!!

      • mart says:

        I agree. Go back to the suburbs where you belong! You’ll be moving out anyway if you have kids or want to buy property. “Can’t have the children educated in this horrible San Francisco education system and can’t afford to pay for private school plus we need space and a YARD!”

  2. Duh says:

    Kelly Kate

    • Emily says:

      Actually, I don’t pee out bus windows thank you very much.

    • anadromy says:

      Everyone hating on KK can go pound salt. She was loaded on New Years and she did something stupid and punk rock. Big deal.

      Anyway, I thought by the title of this post it was going to be a completely different thing: like there is a definite overabundance of white girls in the mission nowadays so let’s have a snarky discussion about whether white girls should now be banned to reduce their numbers. Not something about some lady in Modesto telling a white girl about what some cop said to her like 53 years ago about white girls living in the mission.

      • ConspiracyDude says:

        You can’t throw around “punk rock” like that anymore.

        Punk rock is living in Modesto.

        • anadromy says:

          You might have a point. Though judging by the amount of pearl-clutching she has caused around these parts–it’s almost May and people still bring it up in blog comments! On posts that have nothing to do with her!–I think she has done her forebears proud.

          But your point re: Modesto is well-taken.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        Whoa, is there still someone out there defending Princess Buspiss?! That’s hilarious! I thought they had all slunk away when they got tired of being laughed at.

  3. bait that hook yo says:

    Hard up for page views Hough?

  4. I once had a tenant from New York, thought she was real tough. After two weeks in the Mission, she begged me for her old lease.

    Honky, please.

  5. stencil says:

    The crack bazaar around 16th St BART leaves a strong impression on people who haven’t become numb to it as part of their daily experience. As does stepping in human shit on Capp or Shotwell.

  6. Ian says:

    haha what?

    As someone who just moved here from the east coast, I don’t know how it gets this crazy reputation. In two months, I’ve seen some weird shit but never felt like it was as dangerous or crazy as people say. And white girls everywhere.

  7. Skidstheclown says:

    The white girls can have it.

  8. Jamie says:

    The Mission is like freakin’ Santa Monica these days. What are people talking about?!?! Some people are just like that… I got the same reaction when I told people I lived in Downtown Oakland when I used to live there.

  9. jcobb says:

    Geeze… SO STUPID! Try living in the t.l. The Mission is so gentrified these dayz! Itz becoming the new Marina.

  10. Greg says:

    White Glower

  11. no.thanks. says:

    im so sick of white folks at times.

    jesus christ.

  12. GG says:

    My parents don’t even get fazed by the Mission when they come to visit, and they are elderly white people who have lived in the upper-middle-class suburbs of L.A. for 40 years after moving from the Midwest.

  13. El Pito says:


    Still in the Mission….

  14. All that was missing was “When I was a kid….” and “GET OFF MY LAWN”.

    I am an ex-New York and heard the same variety of silly crap from my mom whom lived in Greenwhich Village and hung out with the Beats in the late-40s and 50s. She “would never live in the village now” (and this was in the early ’80s)… samo samo for oldsters v. The Mission.

    Seriously, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, and nothing is ever like it was.

    Big deal.

    Live in the now; it’s all you’ve got, and all too soon you’l be sounding like the crotchety oldsters in the article too.

    • ahsah says:

      a lot of us already sound like the crotchety oldsters except we say things like

      “Don’t move into the mission because it’s full of white girls and marina transplants”.

      • MarkC says:

        Yes, I can hardly keep straight who the Mission is being ruined by. Is it gangs and prostitutes, or hipsters, or techies and transplants. Please let me know, because I can’t start whining until I know the party line.

        • danfinger says:

          Silly rabbit! It doesn’t matter WHO you hate, as long as you’re hating. THAT’S all that really matters, deflect your self-hatred onto others and let the superiority flow through you.

        • Ben says:

          Can’t forget the trustfunders either. We hate people who don’t work for their money! We hate people who work for their money! We hate everyone who isn’t us!

  15. Marina Girl says:

    OHG! I love love love the Mission. Like the people who serve me my Marina Girl Salad are even like brown I mean thats so authentic! Right? It’s Missiony I think.

  16. ConspiracyDude says:

    Could it be true that the worse the Mission gets the worse this blog gets? Maybe it’s really forces beyond missmiss’s control…

  17. tell me about it says:

    white girls shouldn’t be on my ding-a-ling?

  18. manahmanah says:

    Please define what you mean by “old people.”

  19. batfish says:

    Whatever. I’m white, I live in the Mission. This is my home. Always will be. Gentrified? Where are you hanging out? Because it IS human shit and crack bazaar outside my door. No joke. But it’s home. I work in Laurel Heights, and I’m happy to come home to 16th and Mission at night.

    • anadromy says:

      And how much are you paying per month to live in said “human shit and crack bazaar”? Gentrification ain’t about the feces and the drugs. It, as a wise sage once opined, is all about the Benjamins. If you gotta work in Laurel Village-type spots to afford to live somewhere, it’s been gentrified–shite and hubba rocks and all.

      Have a nice day.

  20. think_for_me says:

    What a jerk! Doesn’t he know white girls swallow!?

  21. fish says:


  22. ssh says:

    Its hard to know if the mission is the right place for you. If you’re an attractive girl and aren’t sure if this is where you want to be, by all means, come spend the night at my beautiful, safe mission apartment and discover whether this is th neighborhood for you!

  23. chalkman says:

    The Mission needs some green Orion and blue Andorian girls….yes, I’m a star trek nerd!

  24. mike says:

    mission mission owns us.

  25. damian says:

    try;camden,n.j….newark,n.j….philly…providence…bronx,n.y…….mattapan.mass…springfield,mass..meriden;conn….hartford,conn..new haven conn…..gary;ind…detroit….hoboken…ect.ect.


  26. IV says:

    i would say hell na!!!!!!!

  27. Representing white girls in the mission. We hold it down!

  28. dave says:

    LOL@the old people in the suburbs who think that white girls shouldn’t live in the Mission. They probably don’t even know the difference between twitter and tumblr. LOLZ, so like how would they know that the Mission has been cleaner, whiter, and brighter for like a million years now. Old suburn guy doesn’t even know that in the new Mission you can get frog legs and cosmos in a bowling alley! Silly old man. New Mission is totally for white girls.

    But white girl should be warned about the dangers that still lurk: In the Mission, she might get her brand new bike stolen if she locks it in front of Safeway. Yes, it’s very traumatic, and it will like totally shatter her faith in humanity, but luckily there’s a blog for that.

  29. Father says:

    I’d fuck the one on the right… With a condom of course.

  30. Kim says:

    This is by far the funniest post I read recently read,*chuckle*. The Mission is not diverse, it is a bunch of wannabes eating food and think they have cultural because you pay to much rent and eat a Mission burrito, please. I would not live in the Mission because I want to live in a diverse neigborhood, I am from the Bay Area. Everyone is the same in the Mission!. Not from Cali, wear dirty clothes, eat a Mission Burrito, Spanglish speaking (Whateve) and wear boots when it is 65 degrees. No thank you!

    • GG says:

      Yeah, fucking wannabes EATING FOOD, thinking they need calories to survive! Read up on Breatharianism, you dirty-clothes-wearing SUCKAZ!

      • Kim says:

        Sorry (sarcasm) if I hurt your feelings, I suggest taking off the boots and wearing sandals it will be 70 degrees. That is why is smells in the Mission, sweaty feet from wearing winter boots during spring. Toodles

  31. Gael Garcia Bernal says:

    Let’s make this happen.

  32. Brandon says:

    Yeah it’s safe around Valenica/16th but walk around Shotwell and Alabama between 24th and 22nd and tell me how safe you feel then. The Mission is a warzone. It’s so dangerous in some areas it’s not even funny

    Dolores Park is more Eureka Valley/Castro than the Mission. I grew up here in SF I know what I’m talking about.