An art gallery, really?

The angry mob smashed up an art gallery. Really.

5 Responses to “An art gallery, really?”

  1. Grizzled Mission says:

    Even better – paint bombing public housing for seniors? Really? Isn’t public housing one of the Holy Grails of the left? That’s about as off-message as is even conceivable. At least with an art gallery, one can bemoan the commodifying of creativity or some such.

  2. Jones says:

    Art school dropouts on the march?

  3. Brillo says:

    Art gallery? I think you mean “purveyor of bourgeois decorative luxury products to the oppressive condo-dwelling capitalists.”

  4. Brillo certainly is not short for brilliant. In what decade are you left behind, the 60′s or 50′s maybe? What do you have against artists or creativity? We think the ugliness and lack of intelligence of these people speaks for itself, and while we would not normally bother to respond, in this instance we must.
    ArtZone is in the Mission because we want to be near the largest number of artists’ studios in the city. We are a say hello and welcome to everyone who visits our space. We specialize in LOCAL SF and bay area artists. We carry fine art, not “bourgeois decorative luxury products”. We offer payment plans so people who wish to enrich their lives are able to do so. We were ‘pioneers’ moving to the mission in 2008. I can’t speak for condo-dwelling capitalists and ask what would you prefer in your neighborhood? Small businesses or liquor stores, pawn shops. video arcades, prostitutes and drug addicts and others who piss & defecate wherever they please? Keep reading: i don’t judge these people, in fact i treat them with respect and let them know i consider them my neighbors. Art is a vital part of individuals’ lives – do you own any art? Have you been to our Gallery? We are not elitest; most people who visit our space give us feedback about how much they enjoy it. It sounds like you prefer to live in a rat hole. I hope it makes you happy

  5. Nancyalu says:

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