Hipsters encouraged to get the fuck out of San Francisco; yuppie scum encouraged to die

23 Responses to “Hipsters encouraged to get the fuck out of San Francisco; yuppie scum encouraged to die”

  1. JT Snowball says:

    Maybe they just want us to eat all of the crisped-to-the-pan bits of pie at mission pie?

  2. Matthew says:

    Anti-yuppie is the new yuppie.

  3. mike says:

    a girl totes wrote the yuppie part. bet she was hot too

  4. Obbop says:



    Young Urban Professional.

    As a 5-plus decade old Disgruntled Old Coot I cling to class consciousness and urge all those young whippersnappers to vamoose. Depart.

    Leave the ‘hood to us well-behaved high-class Old Coots.

    Dern’ good idea those folks have who left that message upon that sign.


  5. think_for_me says:

    So…were all these protesters upset because once they hit 26, mummy and daddy cut them off?

  6. dan says:

    I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the person who wrote that is from Walnut Creek or somewhere like that.

  7. JustSayin' says:

    It’s true. Hipsters and Yuppies suck. And you all know it.

    • boyintheboat says:

      People who do stupid shit sucks. Like breaking and spray painting shit. Pussies. And you know it.

  8. sx says:

    Impressive how a movement for the 99% has now turned into “Let’s fuck with anyone who doesn’t look like me or think like me.” Way to turn your movement into a 1% cause.

  9. Ralph says:

    But it would be sweet to write notes on my phone / tablet and stuff.

  10. Morton says:

    Q: What’s the difference between a Yuppie and a Hipster?
    A: About 10 years

  11. Jean Simenon says:

    Is this a Samsung commercial disguised as a Mission Mission hipster post?

  12. No Way says:

    Now there’s two sentiments I can fully support.

  13. Bernal Rob says:

    I really hate yuppies & hipsters. Wearing the brown prep shoes with all black clothing. Just stupid! Stupid haircuts, wardrobe, bad taste in music, bad taste in art, bad taste in food, no culture to call their own, no intelligence, no respect, no politics and getting buy on daddy’s coin. They need to go out like the dinosaur and the black plague. Destroy them before they destroy YOU!

  14. Issac says:

    Who ever wrote this, and the people against yups and hipster could choke on a fat one cuz they’re the ones actually shaping the future as much as they can while you dumb fucks get fed shit by the media and ‘social norms’ just so you don’t have to think for yourself cuz your a sorry prick without a well functional brain

  15. Original20yearSanFranciscoResident says:

    I agree with this 100%. The scourge of yuppie scumbags and anyone who sticks up for them must be eradicated. They are gentrifying our city and turning San Francisco into Cleveland 2.0. If it was up to me I would pass a law banning them from the city altogether. I don’t give a damn if what I say offends you yuppie/hipster/yupster scumbags out there. YOU ARE SCUM. You pay over $3000 a month to live at AVA apartments on 9th street when for that same money, you could be renting a 3 bedroom house in close proximity to the city elsewhere in the Bay Area. You scumbag pieces of crap just want to feel “cool” and “hip” living here, so you can brag about how you pay over 3 grand for some piece of crap studio downtown and help displace thousands of original san franciscan families just to satisfy your own selfish and irrational desires. You are scum, nobody except your fellow yuppie scumbags likes you. Enjoy being the most hated, foul, disgusting people in the city.

  16. Sammy90sKid says:

    You know what irks me is the fact that most people are okay with it, when in reality, it’s just like a previous poster said.

    They could care less of the people they displace and force their stupid bullshit on really unique cultures.

    And having to live in Queens, NY, just to be able to fulfill an AmeriCorps term (which you will never be able to do 5+ years from now), is just disheartening since i work with low income patients that are being displaced more and more by the day.

    I know this is for San Fransisco but coming from a reverse transplant that was born in NY, and to see what the hell happened to the state of it all just gets me sick to my stomach how nothing is being done to regulate ANYTHING.

    I don’t think its fair that you have to either be extremely poor / lucky to be on a section 8 housing apt that your family scored in the 80′s or working on Wall st to survive here. I hate how its such a rat race just for even bland real estate as well.

    Trust me, there are barely any jobs in Northeast PA anyway, so I figured this would be the place but I’m honestly getting more disgusted by the lack of policy on this issue and blame DeBlasio for not doing anything.

    You might say that he wants to build “affordable housing” in absolutely terrible neighborhoods like East New York and Canarsie, but he really wants to change the zoning to add more of those dumbass glass condos and add a WholeFoods which just ups the food prices for the entire neighborhood.

    I just shudder to think how dystopian it will be when poor people live in the suburbs and the rich confine to their cities.

    Also, the yuppies that you see all over aren’t even paying their own rent due to good old daddy out in some weird state who happens to be a loaded doctor. This inflates the market in such a weird way that I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

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