Dolores Park in cartoon form

Looks pretty damn good! The artist’s name is Nidhi Chanani, and she just published this piece today. It doesn’t appear to be available in her online shop, but perhaps it will be soon, and in the meantime there are a number of other SF scenes on offer.

17 Responses to “Dolores Park in cartoon form”

  1. Rocky Ponk says:

    Very very cool!

    I do have to be the goat and point out one problem – the transamerica building needs extra lines on the outside to emphasize the pyramid. Looks like new york right now. Must emphasize pyramid!

  2. MrEricSir says:

    Love the drawing, but when are there only 8 people in Dolores Park?!

  3. KyleM says:

    She’s got an amazing posterior.

  4. wizzer says:

    I was just gonna say: path is all wrong.

    where’s the kids playground?

    Where are the hipsters?

    What happened to Dolores St?

  5. Bob Dole says:

    Where’s all the strewn out garbage?

  6. Teotwawki Jones says:

    Its a remembrance of the Dolores Park I remember from 2005. Amazing how shit rolls downhill in 6 short years.

    Seriously. Any weekday. It looked like this. Just a few years ago. Then we ruined it.

    • roll with it says:

      You sound like a crabby old bitter white dude. Republican ?

      • No Way says:

        So do a lot of the people responding to this post. Of course, a lot of the people responding to this post have lead a charmed life (trust-fund hipster kids, NIMBYs, etc…) so I guess it’s no surprise.

  7. Adam says:

    nice illustration. harsh crowd.

  8. Shempstielhope says:

    Can’t wait for the after picture where the douchebags leave their trash. I miss the mission that gave a shit about everyone here.

  9. aesthete and melancholic says:

    Th artist clearly intended to represent Dolores Park at 7am on a Tuesday morning as the squalor and filth of a weekend are missing from this idyll.

    I do like the authentic-looking poop stains that surround the couple’s blanket.

  10. aww, I love it!! that is super cute :D