Riding your bike on the sidewalk at night without lights while talking on your cellphone


Pedestrians, please be wary of this menace. He’s basically doing EVERYTHING wrong. Who knows, he may even be on meth.

65 Responses to “Riding your bike on the sidewalk at night without lights while talking on your cellphone”

  1. GG says:

    To be fair, he also could have been wearing all black.

  2. timbo says:

    What a dickbag.

  3. violajack says:

    At least he’s wearing a helmet.

  4. Yuck! says:

    You can legally talk on your phone while biking. The rest of that is completely wrong though.

  5. sure says:

    What is it with douches and their phones?

    If it’s not this – Then they are in their FRIGGIN’ cars using ‘em…

  6. the guy says:

    What a juice bag. I bet he drinks juice for breakfast.

  7. david smith says:

    Mang, you guys all suck. bitch, bitch, bitch.

  8. m.j.z. says:

    meth is so last month, this dude is on bath salts

  9. GG says:

    And seriously, is it that hard to use a headset, so you’re at least keeping both hands on the handlebars?

  10. scum says:

    Did you say anything to him Andrew?

  11. Casey says:

    Going the wrong way, too.

  12. motowaki says:

    What? He’s in the wrong lane of the sidewalk? Stupid.

  13. roller23rd says:

    dude, this is so last year – I was riding my bike in the dark on the wrong side of the street on my phone being a stupid dickhead a year ago.

  14. Famous Mortimer says:

    Even without a light, riding on the sidewalk is still MUCH safer than being out in traffic in the way of cars that are going twice as fast. Moreover, you live in a big city; it’s time to be a big boy and get a car. Until then keep it on the sidewalk, por favore

  15. This guy says:

    Context. That guy could be going extremely slow and being cautious of pedestrians. Physically, him on his bike takes up less room than him walking his bike on the sidewalk. If he is paying attention and doing well in going around pedestrians (and their density is minimal) then hey, no harm no foul. I wouldn’t recommend what he is doing to anyone, but all things considered, what’s he’s doing is SO mild. Most bikers aren’t like that dude who plowed an old lady down then lamented at the loss of his bike helmet.

    I was gonna try to back up this with an article about bike accidents vs car accidents but my first source proved wrong.


    “52 percent accidents were to caused by bicyclists, at least according the police who wrote up the accident reports and sent them to the California Highway Patrol. Just 34 percent were the fault of car drivers.”

    I find that pretty surprising considering the amount of times I have been hit by a car is 3 (while I following all rules of the road) but that’s over 7 years in this city. I have to constantly dodge their two ton behemoths as they drive erratically because of their cell phone use. I have been hit by 0 bikers. Yeah, well this went on to long but just thought I would get my perspective out there.

    • mushmouth says:

      If he is riding so slow and carefully then why doesn’t he just get off the bike and walk. (that also goes with only going a block)

      You must be doing something wrong, as I have been commuting primarily by bike for more than 30 years (10k+ miles a year) and I have had one accident that involved a motor vehicle, although it was 100% the vehicle’s fault (BTW it was a commercial van), had I had better brakes I could have avoided the problem. I have more close calls with other bikes on a daily basis than I do with motor vehicles.

      • This guy says:

        Don’t blame me because I got raped by someone wanting to jump into a parking spot. I was also crossing an intersection on a bike path across an intersection with the right of way. Sorry that I didn’t realize that until too late that he was too busy talking on his cell phone to care about possibly maiming or destroying someone’s life. You have an interesting mentality there and I don’t really like your attitude.

        But I do hear the other stuff you are saying and those are all valid points. Just the whole blaming the victim thing is lame and it’s funny how you decided that’s where you wanted to take the conversation. Coming out guns a blazin.


        • GG says:

          Kudos on equating “rape” with “getting in my vehicle’s intended path.” This level of sensitivity goes well with what I’m sure will be equally lovely comments on the MM post regarding a possible pair of violent rapists on the loose.

        • Meanslut says:

          Someone penetrated you sexually against your will because they wanted to park their car?

          • This guy says:

            er yes it’s a similar visceral encounter you simpleton with no empathy. To all three of you; you obviously no real idea of what it is to ride in this city. I have people run me off the road and seriously endanger my well being and people on the streets make it a point to laugh at the fact that I almost died. Your lack of empathy and compassion is a pathetic low point of humanity. I’m sure you SHOULD have enough education to know the way you are acting is seriously anti-community and logically flawed and humanist-icily fucked up. But I’m sure you feel like a martyr for being ok w something as 1890′s as gay marriage. You are holding the country back you simpleton little bitch, Find some love in your heart and get past being a little teenager from privileged orange county, bitch. Get on my fucking level. Get on my fucking level. You won’t. You don’t have what it takes to reply on my level.

            Please don’t sit here and try to redeem yourself by dissing my grammar. try dissing complex ideas and redeeming yourself with real life examples.
            get on my level bitch. give me fucking something that tells me you aren’t just an idiot/asshole. You are nothing and you bring humanity down. Please kill yourself and write up a note of how you are ashamed of how you behaved and took advantage of what you had. You had a chance of being so much better you are failing bitch. You failed back down and try to martyr yourself for the good of the world.


          • This guy says:

            Little bitches can’t relate real ideas even when they have the blessing of being anonymous, little fuck.Get on the level of a half human being. Try thinking about compassion and or empathy. Understand the difference. Or just please go die. The world needs less indifferent human beings. You are self unnervingly wasting space you pathetic little fuck. Use some words to back up your ideas. I doubt you have them considering your ideas seem to be half thought out irrational attacks on whatever you happen to see around you. Please stop bringing humanity down.

    • scum says:

      Riding on the sidewalk is rude, dangerous AND illegal.

  16. Joe Wiley says:

    I like the scum approach best of all, wear a helmet sidewalk riders!

  17. Chalkman says:

    Anyone who rides on the sidewalk should be forced to have training wheels on their bike

  18. herb says:

    I didn’t read every comment, but that’s obviously not a HE! Damn, people.

  19. Alex says:

    Please stop being passive and call these people out. I’m a cyclist, but even when not on bike, you gotta let them know they suck

  20. This guy says:

    know has made a real point on anything except mushmouth. Just because we are on the doesn’t mean you have to act and type totally illogically and frightfully hateful for something SO minor. Get mad about someone not being able to see their lover in the hospital because they aren’t allowed to marry them. Get about torture genocide and sexual slavery.


    That dude is not doing anything crazy. it’s not noon on a Sunday on the street. That is some 1am shit. Once again. please get on my level and give me something that truly makes sense if this shit is so fucking bad that people want to literally HURT this person. those people. they are the really bad one’s. There need to be posts about them. So terrible, you are all making humanity so terrible. I can’t even imagine how you treat people day to day. I can’t, it’s too sad.

    • Dr. At0mikfro says:

      Waaah waah. Whine whine whine. Quit yer’ bellyachin’, whinge-o-tron 6000.

      • This guy says:

        pathetic stereotypical shit. grow up please. Like really please do it. Not for me but for everyone you fuck. Pathetic idiot. Read and respond. You are nothing. Grow up.

        yeah same to you bitch. seriously go die while defending someone more worthwhile pathetic fuck. Get lost and get on my level please.

  21. This guy says:

    You all deserve to live in a Brazilian slum so you can get a real perspective on what’s REALLY wrong in the world. Make a stand on something that in context doesn’t make you look like a petty underprivileged bitch. REAllY people? You are all so fucking petty. FUCK get mad the person who commutes by car from neighborhood to another when mass transit is fiscally more viable and quicker and saves the city and the country tons of money by not clogging up our (some) lovely city streets.it’s so frustrating. Are you all fucking idiots. Is everyone who reads this/any blog college educated but not smart or educated enough to write anything real. Is this real. Is +1 I want to knock this dude off their bike real? Seriously, what the fuck? Anything other than one line ego drops. I write this fucking post in 2min with no grammer checks. I know someone else has this ammount of time and skills in writing but no one even compares to content quality. Given, this post itself is posted by someone who is obviously ignorant and guilty of everything I say. So hey, what am I to expect?!

    Please humans,
    stop being fucking terrible each other. You are getting owned and used and it’s stupid and pathetic.

    • GG says:

      Not to get OT, but look at these (multiple!) posts and keep them in mind when contemplating the “rapists on the loose in the Mission” thread. Yes, we should all be vigilant when someone is actively attacking people, but at the same time, we share a city with people like “This Guy” who clearly has some degree of mental illness and a lot of misdirected anger, and for all we know, looks perfectly normal on the outside. I’m not advocating walking around with pepper spray at the ready, threatening everyone who comes near you, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that you never know what insane and possibly violent thoughts are racing through the mind of that normal-looking person walking past you on the sidewalk. Just try and be reasonably alert and aware of your surroundings.

  22. This guy says:

    This is the level of conversation in San Francisco. this is a popular blog among it’s denizens. Just imagine what’s it’s like in very poor cities that are struggling (9 years Baltimore) Civil War Town (9 years one that fucking place.) The level of discourse should be so much better. You pathetic fucks. Wake the fuck up.

  23. wrybread says:

    Oh come on he’s going like 2 miles per hour. You people really need something else to complain about. Might I suggest “hipsters”?

    • This guy says:

      pathetic stereotypical shit. grow up please. Like really please do it. Not for me but for everyone you fuck. Pathetic idiot. Read and respond. You are nothing. Grow up.

    • This guy says:


      DUDE. YOU IDIOT!!! people have been hating on people with that word since the 1960′s. Kerouac and Ginsberg. hardcore hipster and constantly insulted for it by simpletons like you, just join us and stop holding humanity you simple fuck. It’s just so obvious how you and people like you understand NOTHING. it’s time to grow up and be something. stop just leaching off EVERYTHING.

  24. Deicide says:

    I despise arrogance in both bike riders, drivers, and walkers. I do all and do them well. I don’t get all pissy when a bike rider does what’s shown in the picture, nor do I when a marina kook bolts off the curb mid block without looking for my bike. It really is no big deal. Expect cars to do stupid things. People are way too self-entitled theses days. If everyone just holds their line we can all flow together.

  25. EssJay says:

    I’m more disgusted by the use of language and level of disrespect you all are showing each other on this post than the night time bike rider. Some of us ride bikes, some of us don’t. Some of us obey the law, some of us don’t. Ultimately, we’re all neighbors so let us have at least a little more decency towards each other than lashing out with childish name calling.