Perhaps you’ve heard of DESCENDENTS, who are only one of the most influential punk rock bands ever.  Apparently, they’re also one of the most under-documented bands around, and two filmakers aimed to change that 2 years ago with a feature-length documentary!  40 interviews later, they’re almost ready to release FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL.

Check out the trailer above to get a taste for what’s in store, and stay posted on any updates to this rad project here.

11 Responses to “The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL”

  1. scum says:

    AllRoy Lives!

  2. Steale says:

    Can’t wait. My all time favorite. Named my cat Milo. He was murdered by a garage door.

  3. Jvis says:

    Good to see a few fans in the bay! I’ll be arranging a screening somewhere in the city once the film is ready. Word is The Descendents are playing the premier in fort collins and then in Dallas (where the film makers live). Maybe we can get them to come out here!

    • suckerpunch says:

      When SF screenings become available, could you email me at
      I run a movie watching group thru Meetup, and would like to schedule a screening for our members.

      If there is a better way for me to become aware of screenings, let me know.


      • Jvis says:

        Certainly! I plan to promote the shit out of it and will most likely team up with some friends to make it a big official event. I think there is a large enough fan base that this needs to be held at a decent sized venue. Even if The Descendents dont play, there are tons of other bands from the bay that would make for a great dual event (Lag Wagon etc).

  4. jimbo says:

    They were the first punk show I ever went to. I got hooked on coffee using a bonus cup…

  5. GinGin says:

    One of my favorite bands!

  6. Marco Soverini says:

    Ho dear, love this band, love his guys, i growed up with thi stuff, i learned a lot, and….hell!! got my first descendents lp 30 years ago…seven bucks mailed to Mike watt…it took three months to reach Italy ( broken!) said this to mike…he send me another copy for free….another three month of waitin,,…ha ha ha ah those were the times!

    Marco Soverini, Bologna ITALY :-)

  7. jack says:

    bikeage all day

  8. Scumtag Bagger says:

    “You want Bill’s sperm with that?”


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