299 Valencia condos going fast

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to live on the famed Valencia corridor, you’re running out of time. Per the building’s website, there are only two units left in the brand new condo complex. Although, as Curbed notes, if you don’t get a chance to buy, you can always rent one for $4750.

[via Curbed]

19 Responses to “299 Valencia condos going fast”

  1. peeeeeeeeej says:

    Eh, everything north of 16th st is The Marina anyways

  2. carl hungiss says:

    i love the mission. but 5 large a month to live in it? pass.

  3. Allan says:

    Better than ever.

  4. Olu says:

    The best thing, BEST thing about that listing is the parenthetical in the first line:
    2 Bedrooms (2nd bed best for twin bed or used as an office) .

    It’s. Not. Even. An. Actual. Two. Bedroom. Apartment.


    And can you even call something a penthouse that is sub-five floors? You’re penthousing what, exactly? I’m the TALLEST MIDGET YOU”VE EVER SEEN MOTHERFUCKER!

    There are SRO’s taller that your crib, man. Fuck this fucking neighborhood (that I’ll never leave).

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      I know, right? It’s fucking retarded.

    • moderniste says:

      I third this. Besides not even being a 2BR, it’s surprisingly downscale in its finishing–not very stylish at all. i.e. the bathrooms with “designer tile” are pretty damned boring/institutional-looking, unless “designer” means “the guy in the apron at Home Depot”.

      My 4BR 2BA flat in the Lower Haight that goes for $2,400 (I’ll admit–it’s rent control!) actually has more stylish window treatments, larger, mosaic hand-tiled bathrooms with way bigger shower/tubs and a bigger roof deck, SO THERE!

  5. pamasutra says:

    I was really hoping this was a parody and not a real website.

  6. Teotwawki Jones says:

    MissionMission? Your hopes are granted.

  7. Bob Dole says:

    Mission is the new Noe Valley.

  8. Bill's enemy says:

    Stay the fuck out Oakland

  9. TJ says:

    Odd that they’re claiming “only two units left” while at the same time renting out some of the premier spaces. I wonder how many of the other units have been rented as opposed to sold?

    It’ll definitely be interesting to see the kind of rates that the apartments opening on 15th and Mission rent for.

    Clearly there’s quite a bit of demand for housing though, so I’m glad these places are here to soak up some of that demand instead of dilapidated used car lots and empty warehouse space.

    • moderniste says:

      I’m all for smart in-fill development. But I really wonder about the pricing of this particular unit. Certainly there is a market for super-premium rentals in the $4K+ price range. But other 1+BR units in that price range are waaay more stylish and architectural, and often come with more building amenities like a doorman/concierge and a garage. This place is just too damned expensive for what it is–a really plain kind of dinky faux-loft.

  10. Mike says:

    I hate the marketers that made that website. I hate the people that tagged “fuck this shit” on the pole outside. In fact, I hate just about everything and everyone between Guerrero and Folsom in Inner Mission. The hood is stuffed full of posers all bitching about how the other groups are ruining it. I’ll stick to the Castro where we gays bitch about simpler things like baby carriages and having to take the dildos out of our shop windows.

    You all can have your shitty Mission.

  11. Mike says:

    Another reason to hate the Mission … if I ride my bike there, it gets stolen or parts get raped off it. If I drive my car there, I can’t find parking or it gets keyed. And just fuck MUNI entirely.

    I repeat. You all can have your shitty Mission.

  12. Rhondahsy says:

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