Treacherous 17th Street Potrero crossing gets repaved!

So this means that I can finally *actually* use the marvelous bike lines that were striped over a year ago!  Although they were a much-needed addition to a very hectic section of the street, the problem used to be that the concrete over which the bicycle lanes were painted was jacked up so badly that riding within would at worse cause one to wipe out or at best come away with a serious butt-massage.

Now we are treated to the smooth buttery bliss of fresh pavement and I don’t have get in the way of cars anymore!  Everyone wins!


6 Responses to “Treacherous 17th Street Potrero crossing gets repaved!”

  1. Chachito415 says:

    We are much too easily satisfied. Sheesh. Bike lanes in SF are pathetic.

  2. P.D.Bird says:

    So much for traffic calming…..

  3. Schlub says:

    I’m dismayed they didn’t widen the sidewalk on this stretch. It’s really needed.

  4. Beau D. says:

    Now please someone make them do Valencia between Market and Duboce.