Nizario’s Pizza replaces Thrill of the Grill


With all the talk of pizza on Valencia (and in Dolores Park, evidently) going on lately, I totally missed out on the fact that longtime Venus flytrap for drunk Marina people Thrill of the Grill has finally been deposed. Although it took a lot longer than I originally predicted back when Arinell (NO APOSTROPHE) extended their weekend hours, this should come as no surprise to anyone who’s tried their pizza.

I haven’t made it to Nizario’s up in the Castro lately, but I remember their slices weren’t that bad. Of course they’ll be going up against some pretty steep competition here so it’s anyone’s guess to see how they do!

16 Responses to “Nizario’s Pizza replaces Thrill of the Grill”

  1. twan says:

    unfortunately nizarios is some of the worst pizza in the city, ughhh

  2. diana says:

    better than arinell?

  3. twan says:

    the best? were you born in cali? I say yes

  4. SFKix says:

    People in the Castro only eat Nizario’s after some heavy drinking – its the only place open for a quick bite after hours. I don’t know the Marina and what they offer, but after some drinking you just want some grease in your tummy via pizza or bacon wrapped hot dogs (are those still around?).

  5. Jenner Davis says:

    Nizario’s on Geary is fine. This one on Valencia is inedible. Really, some of the absolute WORST pizza I have ever had.

  6. no.thanks. says:

    motherfuckers and your pizza.

  7. Pizzzzaaaa says:

    Nizario’s bought the location a few months ago, they just took their sweet ass time to change the sign. Either way Thrill of the Grill was way better, even if it was apparently for drunk Marina people. Nizario’s tastes like they use recycled pizza boxes for the crust. Some of the worst pizza I’ve ever had. At least they’re looking out for the environment.

  8. thekidsallsuck says:

    Nizario’s in the castro serves up some fine slices. This Nizario’s is terrible. Are all pizza places in this stretch of the mission doomed to serve terrible pizza?

  9. MAC says:

    Nizarios in North Beach is not good, either. Way too bready.

  10. Little says:

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