Here’s a really complicated way to lock up your bike (featuring The Club)

(Thanks, Edmundo!)

11 Responses to “Here’s a really complicated way to lock up your bike (featuring The Club)”

  1. I don't think before I type says:

    I guess that works

  2. Rich says:

    Who even uses the club for cars these days?

  3. Bike security aficionado says:

    The club isn’t even doing anything!

  4. unga bunga says:

    cut that one cable,throw it in the truck….Gone.

  5. unga bunga says:

    but how about just taking it inside,cables are useless. and yes i know there is more than one cable.

  6. dvtdl? says:

    yeah that rear club is 100% worthless.

  7. Rich says:

    Looks like the club is wedged against the chain on the rear cog, stopping the rear wheel from being able to turn when pedaling.

  8. Long Island Iced Tea says:

    I clicked on this fully expecting it to involve a bottle of The Club.

  9. rotupa says:

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