Talented improv crew, ‘on the level of Chicago and NYC,’ moving to the Mission

They’re called Endgames Improv, the fun starts TONIGHT, and here’s what our in-the-know pal Jon Skulski has to say about them:

Two year old crew is moving to the mission, weekly shows thurs & friday. I’m doing some work with them and I’m very excited. They’re talented folks, on the level of Chicago & NYC. I think it’s gonna be a good scene.

Can’t wait! Here’s how the schedule breaks down:


7:30 ($5) – Harold Night

9:00 ($10) – The Showcase

10:30 ($1) – The Improv Jam


7:30 ($5) – Free Range Fridays

9:00 ($10) – Confessions

10:30 ($0) – F!#&ing Free Fridays

One Response to “Talented improv crew, ‘on the level of Chicago and NYC,’ moving to the Mission”

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