Treasure Island Music Festival storms Treasure Island this weekend!

Treasure Island has long been my favorite local music festival (Hardly Strictly is amazing, but there are just a few two many fiddles; Outside Lands is great, but there are just a few too many Foo Fighters) so I’m excited it’s that time of year again. Temperatures are supposed to get as high as 77 over the weekend, so it’ll be nice out on the island.

Oh and tickets are still available! And if you can’t make it, maybe you check out one of the night shows.

Now let’s rock out to this sexy-ass new Matthew Dear video:

7 Responses to “Treasure Island Music Festival storms Treasure Island this weekend!”

  1. Lillian says:

    I’ll just enjoy these bands on my iPod, there’s too many bad ass local acts playing this weekend to waste my money on this.

  2. Akadio says:

    Yawn. Thank god this will keep the annoying people out of the Mission for most of the weekend. Let’s see – pay a fortune to freeze my ass off confined to a crowded island? no thanks.

  3. girl talk says:

    I wish I could put out an album, but I don’t make my own music.

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