Miscommunications with your bartender

Can anybody beat that one?

23 Responses to “Miscommunications with your bartender”

  1. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    “2 Anchor Steam please” —> “2 Hennessy Please”

  2. tuffy says:

    Patron – can I get a Pabst beer?
    Me – I’m a bartender. Not a gynecologist.

  3. Nick Pal says:

    “2 tequilas on the rocks” –> “2 tequila sunrise”

    (At a swim-up bar in Mexico. Worked out pretty well.)

  4. mattod says:

    And this is why at a bar it’s a tab, not a check.
    Actually, I’m sure that’s not THE reason why, but I’m going to go with it.

  5. paulo says:

    Me: can you make me some sort of bourbon drink? surprise me.
    bartender: a bourbon drink? sure!

    she then proceeded to make a jameson and ginger ale

  6. Jesse says:

    “Can I get a couple of napkins?”

    Proceeds to bring me two shots of Captain Morgan.

  7. scum says:

    Me: Im wasted, what wont make me puke?
    Bartender: You leaving.

  8. milkshake lover says:

    Patron: What’s your best cocktail?
    Bartender: A beer and a shot.

  9. Bartender: Here you go, sir, just as you ordered.

    Patron: [no tip]

  10. waffle iron curtain says:

    Actually the bartender got it right this time:

    A Liberal, a Moderate and a Conservative walk into a Bar.

    Bartender: “Hi Mitt.”

  11. iphoneuser says:

    Siri is getting mad at this article.

  12. SlideSF says:

    Patron – You got PBR?

    Bartender – No.

    Patron – What’s the cheapest thing here?

    Bartender – You.

  13. It should be noted that I’d already had a few and probably wasn’t speaking clearly. This is how alcoholics happen.

  14. wolfy says:

    arguing wether bud light tastes great;or is less filling

  15. damian says:

    my friend bets several bikers in front of a bar(for a big drink) that he can prove hes jesus christ;okay;they says;but if ya lose..your payin up;my friend walks into the bar with the crew;and as soon as the bartender sees my friend;yells”JESUS CHRIST!!!!”ARE YOU BACK HERE AGAIN!!!!???”