Here’s what it looks like when an episode of a local late-night talk show takes place on a BART car

It’s called Oakland Nights… Live and it takes place once a month, usually in a backyard near MacArthur BART. It’s always full of surprises, but this one takes the cake.

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[via Pen Pop]

14 Responses to “Here’s what it looks like when an episode of a local late-night talk show takes place on a BART car”

  1. Alabama St. says:

    You couldn’t pay me enough to lay on the floor of a BART car! Icky gross nastiness! I want to take a bath just looking at the pictures! Someone sanitize these people!

  2. homogenous says:

    Sure LOOKS like Oakland to me!

  3. thatsthejoke says:


  4. P.D.Bird says:

    Holy crap.When did the Town get so….Honky? I have not been to the Town(or the east bay for that matter)in 4 years. Last time I was there it looked NOTHING like this. Man,I knew alot of people moved to the Town,but this is crazy!

    • P.D.Bird says:

      Looks a hella lot more like Portland then Oakland

    • Selective says:

      It probably has more to do with the filter- Oakland is still a thriving multi-culti land, you just aren’t likely find out about what those other groups are up to via MishMish.

    • Bob Dole says:

      That’s the entire towns worth of Hipsters right there.

    • Hmmmmmm says:

      You do realize that in order for BART to takes people from the “Honky” part of the bay to San Francisco that it has to pass through Oakland, right? ;-)

  5. Am I hallucinating, or do these pictures actually show the new floors AND the new seats on the same car?! In real life, they never seem to come together (for me).

  6. En-Chu Lao says:

    Fort Wayne called; it wants all its baristas to report back to work.

    • Ivy says:

      this is amazing commentary because when I first saw the picture, I thought one of the people was one of the first girl I ever dated…who was from Ft Wayne. I didn’t realize there was an FW look!

  7. ReelTawlk says:

    It’s like we’re living in a Miranda July film! *sips chai.

  8. Proud Mission Native says:

    White privilege.