The line at Bi-Rite

And this isn’t even the creamery!

[via SF Loves Waiting in Lines]

25 Responses to “The line at Bi-Rite”

  1. Ariel Dovas says:

    I’m thinking about opening up a pop-up in this line.

  2. Cara says:

    This is a real sign that a place has gotten too chi-chi/snooty for its own good, when a freaking GROCERY store has a line and it’s not like there’s some sort of amazing sale going on. I ran into this a couple of weeks ago myself while on the way to Dolores Park with my hoop. I won’t be waiting in that line anytime soon, just like I don’t wait in line across the street at Bi-Rite Creamery either.

    • David says:

      All this means is that their business is successful and they are offering products/service people want.

      • Bougt from Bi Rite says:

        Yes, that is what it means — a successful business. I bought my entire Thanksgiving dinner from them yesterday. I don’t cook and I’m having 14 people over, it is the only way I can manage. I did the same thing 2 years ago.

    • SlobDog says:

      Agreed. Just waiting for yet another SF Magazine article on this store and the comment about $XXXX sales per square foot is unheard of in grocery business we are amazing.

    • Erik says:

      “while on the way to Dolores Park with my hoop”

  3. SFKix says:

    Thanksgiving goodness, worth the wait.

  4. Andy says:

    Proof SF is a commie town: Bread lines.

  5. kiya says:

    This is not a real grocery store, YOU HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE.

  6. pdbird says:

    Ive seen shorter lines at safeway/whole foods/Cala this is nothing. But on side not,we went to get our daily rejected fruit and was waived thru with out having to wait to pay for 1 item Thanks Bi rite!

    • pdbird says:

      shoot,ment to say “Longer” lines not “shorter” lines.sorry

      • 18th St Vigilante says:

        yes on both, whole foods in noe was supposedly a hot mess, and the fine people of bi-rite slid me in the back on my first trip in, and waved me out on the 2nd. My guess is that 90% of those people in line have never been in the store before

  7. stephen says:

    wait – what is this rejected fruit business? also- I wait in the line and hate it, but their produce is SO good. :(

    • Alabama St. says:

      When they charge $9 for a bunch of asparagus you know there is something wrong. The produce is good, but it’s not THAT good. How do you justify a $9 bunch of asparagus?

      • How do YOU justify buying produce at Bi-Rite? That’s just stupid. There are plenty of other things to buy at Buy-Rite that you can’t get elsewhere in The Mission.

        • Alabama St. says:

          Okay, Crabbymonkey…name something you can get at BiRite that you can’t get ANYWHERE else in the Mission.

          Fancy beer, nope. Not so fancy flowers, nope. Cheese, nope. Cooked food, nope. Special fancy tofu, nope. Okay…BiRite ice cream? NOPE! You can get all of these things without going to BiRite! Stupid

    • pdbird says:

      what is this rejected fruit business?= when you walk in,under the first self of fruit there is a basket with “rejected” or bad fruit in it. it is super cheap,and even the “rejected”fruit at bi rite is better then the great fruit at safeway. I just cant afford to buy anything else at bi rite,but thats ok.they are always very friendly and nice to us there.cheers

  8. yi san says:

    over priced! the worst was when check out guy yelled ”next guest”! try the rainbow instead. prices are somewhat better in a worker owned coop. no meat though. only for cats and dogs.