Mission Holiday Block Party tonight 5-10pm

The Mission Holiday Block Party is tonight! If you haven’t been to this, it’s basically like Halloween except you go to local businesses instead of houses, you don’t have to say anything to get treats, and the treats are often beer and cookies. Oh and I guess there’s sales and shopping if you need to do that. Last year it was a wash (literally) because of the rain, but it should be good this time around.

Looks like most of the participating vendors are on Valencia between 14th and 24th, not actually on Mission St. Bummer, I was hoping to score some extra bargains at One $ Only and Giant Value.

2 Responses to “Mission Holiday Block Party tonight 5-10pm”

  1. Nick Pal says:

    Seems like last year it was a bust rather than a wash, hopefully this year it’s a blast (but not literally.)

  2. yup says:

    Free beer!