Pick-pocketed at the Knockout

Our pal C’mon Pony had a great time at Debaser up until she noticed all her shit was gone:

My purse was on me the entire time and I noticed at some point that the latch was open. I soon realized my phone was gone and initially thought it had fallen out, so I frantically searched the floor around me before I realized my wallet was also gone, and it became clear that someone had somehow grabbed whatever they wanted out of my purse without me noticing. [link]


21 Responses to “Pick-pocketed at the Knockout”

  1. kentucky fried chicken says:

    I was there a few weeks ago and the girl sitting to my right in the back booth was getting some kind of doctoral examination from the gent on the other side of her. FWIW, I think she liked the diagnosis.

  2. Local Man says:

    U were prly just wasted and dumped all ur stuff on the floor

  3. another local man says:

    you dumb idiot … who doesn’t feel someone opening up their bag while they hold it ? and steal all their shit to boot ?!?

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Lots and lots of people, I would assume. I mean, that’s how pickpockets make their living, so clearly it must be effective.

  4. Confirm you are NOT a spammer says:

    Ask to see Brennan’s photos of the event – maybe there’s a clue. This shit happens, why blame the victim, you mark-ass bitches (‘another local bitchmade punk, and local bitchmade mark’).
    That said it was probably another woman – they ruthless.

  5. Upto11 says:

    This is news? My girlfriend had her entire purse stolen from the knockout…4 years ago.

  6. sad meow says:

    ya, it’s sad but no place is safe, and it’s horrible to have to remember that. i’ve also been a victim of theft at the knockout — though i had left my bag down when i eyed the crowd and decided it was a safe choice — but you never know. i was shocked that anyone would steal my heavy old film camera, but again, you never know! one person with the wrong intentions can ruin it all.

    another friend of mine lost her phone at debaser, and i can bet it was one slick asshole who did all the work. shitty shitsville.

  7. David k says:

    There is a new sign up at make out room saying multiple people had had their purses emptied there recently so be vigilant.

    My wife’s phone was stolen on Thursday at Cassanova – out of her purse while it was on her. We tracked it back to carls jr on market and 7th before it was turned off.

    The cops weren’t too interested in following it up as it was a “one off” – be sure to make a police report if your stuff gets stolen so they’re encouraged to deal with it.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Absolutely. It’s also how the police determine how to apportion resources.

  8. Katie C says:

    My phone was stolen that night too.

  9. la dee da says:

    Victims in the Mission are a dime a dozen, dumb and unaware of their surroundings…..every night I see it first hand.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Blaming the victim. Classy.

    • Hazbeen says:

      OMG! Like, hello?! This is like exactly what I’ve been saying…

      We are not here to say crime is good, but if you have such a sense of entitlement that you walk around an urban city a) while looking like you don’t know where you are going or b) with your fancy, new $500 phone loosely resting in your limp-wrist hands then you should wake up, wise up and get a fucking clue.

      This is not the OC, Austin or Seattle. This is Frisco…home of the sucka free. And you are acting like a sucker so someone may very well “free” you of your shit.

  10. who_the says:

    Watch your shit. Insure your shit. Stop fucking worrying.

  11. moto-waki says:

    ladies, you need purses with velcro enclosures. if you’re shit is stolen while you’re wearing one of those, you need AA.

  12. david says:

    That pesky Fagin!

    Just kidding, and sorry your shit got stolen.

  13. No fish today says:

    get some pockets